Driven By What’s Out There

Pedal, meet metal. It’s been a great past year working with Getaround, and they never fail to rev me up with exciting new projects and promotions. Take this email for example. In an effort to promote peer-to-peer car-sharing for more unconventional uses (not just running errands, for example), Getaround asked me to help craft an email campaign that encouraged drivers to rent for road trips to National Parks.

This innovative brand commands a big personality that’s full of wit and plenty of puns. For that reason and about 117 more, it’s no surprise Getaround is gaining traction all across America. They’re based in San Francisco, but have cars to rent from coast to coast. Want to hit up Yellowstone in a roomy crossover? Done. Ready to hit the road to Glacier in a mountain-hugging Jeep? You got it. How about cruising to Joshua Tree in a sexy-ass convertible? Getaround can hook that up too.

Big thanks to designer and creative mastermind Chad Morgan for connecting me with this fast accelerating client, and to Stella for being such a pleasure to work with over there. Oh! And btw, Getaround recently pulled into my home city of Boulder, Colorado. So, get ready, friends. I might be rolling up in a Lambo before you finish reading this sentence.

Click to Snack.

How old were you when you realized that the very best snacks are made exclusively by nature? I’ll tell you: you were today years old. Because I’m here, right now, telling you.

Made In Nature is one of my longest running clients (we’ve been in creative cahoots for about 7 years now), and I’ve had a blast giving this previously sleepy organic brand a loud and proud tone of voice. We’ve been through a full rebrand together, new websites, countless campaigns and promotions, and a top-to-bottom packaging rework of the brand’s 50+ products. I’m tired just reminiscing about it…

But enough with the history lesson, let’s talk about today. Recently, Made In Nature came to me with the challenge to write a whoooooooole bunch of Facebook and banner ads to support their online advertising initiatives. They had to be punchy. They had to be pointed. And most of all, they had to get people clicking. Below is a taste of the delicious results, with major props to the gang at Urban Canvas for their undoubtable design brilliance. Looking snappy, MiN.

Define “Rich”.

Elevations Credit Union isn’t your average bank. As a local not-for-profit financial institution founded in and for the Colorado community, its goal can be summed up in a single word: prosperity. But not just individual prosperity. Shared prosperity. Elevations believes that when one person prospers, everyone around them does too. It’s like a kick-butt butterfly effect of flourishing finances for all.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with this amazing organization on and off for about a decade, and was recently asked to integrate their new Prosperus Together positioning into web copy, collateral and a whole slew of other communications.

Keep an eye on as the new messaging rolls out over the next few months. And scroll down to the blue box on this page (seen below) to download the full Community Prosperity Report, a piece in which I was also happy to lend a helping hand. Because you know what they say: when you bank local, your money stays local, and I can’t think of anywhere better for it to be.

Whoa, Mama! That’s a Nice Website.

Bundle Organics™ is on a mission for motherhood. To nourish and comfort. To support and encourage. To entice and delight with certified organic, OB/GYN-approved snacks and beverages made with functional, flavorful ingredients and one woman in mind: mom.

I honestly feel like I’m gushing about giving birth to my own baby when I talk about Bundle Organics, and today I am thrilled to announce that our fancy-schmancy new website is now officially live and thriving.

IMHO, this site looks good enough to eat (or drink….’cause we have fizzy drinks and smoothies too), and I am so proud to have been a part of its creation. I worked with the team at 1908 Brands (parent company to Bundle Organics) and Bundle co-founder slash celebrity influencer @WhitneyEvePort to create content for the colorful, comforting and confidence-boosting design by Betterweather.

The look and feel pays beautiful homage to the ingredient illustrations that appear on our packaging. The expandable navigation helps users easily browse and shop between stages (fertility, pregnancy and nursing). The All About Mom community is a bounty of insightful content for moms and moms-to-be. And the copy? Well, I don’t want to toot my own writer horn — yeah, we all get one — but I happen to think it’s inviting, charming and pretty damn cute all at once. That’s the tone of voice I was going for at least.

So don’t be shy. Click on over to shop craveworthy snacks and drinks for every stage of motherhood. Hint: the product pages are actually some of my favorites because they showcase all the awesomely purposeful organic ingredients within. Keep your eyes peeled for “Whit’s Picks,” a callout posted on all of Whitney’s personal favorite flavors.

And just because I can’t help myself, check out the awesome Bundle Organics endcap currently gracing BuyBuyBaby stores all across the nation. Word on the street is that the products are flying off the shelves.

Lease a Boulder Legend.

Downtown Boulder is no stranger to change, but this radical renovation is history in the making. I’m talking about the property — nay, the legend — at the corner of 11th and Walnut, former home to the iconic Walrus Saloon. As part of a massive overhaul that updated the now-four-story structure into a marvel of modern convenience, the hundred-year-old brick exterior has been preserved as an homage to the past. The building, now called 19eleven, is 100% legit grit with a modern twist: raw exposed brick walls…wood beams and steel bolts that scream with storied past and successful futures…bright, versatile spaces for startups, retail or co-working…the whole kit, kaboodle and a penthouse cherry on top. (Sorry kids, that floor’s already taken.)

My clients at Market Real Estate are now leasing the few spaces left on the gorgeous lower three floors, and we made a kickass website to promote the potential within. The site beautifully showcases what makes this building so different than much of Boulder’s hottest commercial real estate: it’s not a shiny white box. So, if you want perfectly polished walls or a contemporary all-glass building so shiny that birds fly into it and fall to their deaths, look elsewhere. Buuuuuut if you like a little history with your workplace, check out the property site and contact Market ASAP. It’s the kind of gem you just don’t find ’round these parts. Brooklyn maybe. But not Boulder.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I would for sure set up EBB Copywriting HQ at 19eleven if I could afford the ultra-premium price tag. But hey, at least I can visit during construction and ruin my hairdo with a hardhat.


A few sample headlines from the website and building promo materials:





Silvernest: As Good As Gold.

Just because you’re getting on in years — I’m talking to you, empty nesters — doesn’t mean you’ve grown out of having a roommate. In fact, I could probably point you to about 25 studies that show how important it is to have companionship and meaningful interactions as you age. Isolation is dangerous for your brain and your body, and Silvernest is here to help prove the power of aging in place…with company. This innovative homesharing brand’s new website, updated product offering and new pricing structure are now LIVE, and I was honor to be a part of their creation.

Silvernest is now simpler than ever before. Homeowners can list their home and take advantage of all the helpful features for one low monthly price (no more picking between various plans). Everyone gets unlimited matching and messaging with potential housemates + all kinds of high-value benefits that hold your hand through the homesharing process from start to finish. 

And when I say you can “have it all,” I’m not screwing around. From a rent calculator to help you determine the best price for your home based on the local market, to a hassle-free lease creator, automatic rent collection tool, legal concierge (in rare cases of eviction) and Homeshare Harmony experts to answer questions and provide support, “all” is an understatement if I’ve ever written one.

I got to help the Silvernest team with the content strategy and copywriting for the front-end website, as well write the entire sign-up process once you decide to list your home. So if you have space to share, Silvernest is ready and rearing to help you fill it. After all, sharing homes isn’t just for college kids anymore.

Uno. Dos. Delicious.

Hey, I get it. Sometimes hunger happens. Maybe you’re at work, flying from meeting to meeting, and just don’t have time to grab a bite. Maybe you’re at home, clicking from binge-watch to binge-watch, and simply can’t be bothered to walk to the kitchen. Or maybe (juuuuuust maybe) you’re driving home after a weekend away and realize that your pantry is as bare as your butt was that one time at Burning Man.

All three of these scenarios are real and far from infrequent. Hunger can sneak up on you when you least expect it, and it’s why I’m always fully equipped to Take. It. Down. with a freezer full of one of my favorite brands and clients: Tres Latin Foods. From their signature pupusas to quick-prep tamales and tomatillo salsas, every item is delicious, convenient and crafted with real, simple ingredients. Me gusta.

After a full packaging redesign a la Faven Creative (copy by me), I’m elated times three to now announce the launch of Tres’s new website, written by yours truly and designed/developed by Urban Canvas. We took a fresh swing at the content organization and user experience; laid into the updated brand look, feel and tone of voice; and made it as bright and colorful as the Latin regions that inspire each recipe.

So click on over to explore the new site, or better yet, head to your nearest grocery store to stock up on the goods. With Tres, you can celebrate your plate with three times the inspiration and humble your hunger with a full-on flavor beatdown. Uno, dos, DOWN WITH STOMACH GRUMBLES.

Holy Sheet! Pact Is Launching Organic Bedding.

Fact: we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed. Fun fact: 12% of people dream entirely in black and white. Best fact ever: Pact’s 100% organic cotton comfort is branching out from your bod to your bed with organic sheets available January 2019.

I was anything but sleepy (translation: I was certifiably jazzed) to work on the launch landing page, email communications and social media ideas for this exciting Pact product expansion. From the Favorite-Tee Sheets—which are a stretchy jersey knit—to the Room Service Sheets for sleepers who prefer a crisp and tidy feel, the two distinct varieties are the ‘greenest’ place to spend your nights and naps.



Click any of the products on the bedding page to sign up for the waitlist, and while you’re at, why not do some holiday shopping? The bargain-getting is good now through the end of the year, and then of course, we’ll meet you in bed in 2019 😉

Gobble gobble, y’all.

I’m Pregnant…with HUGE News.

Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gaaaaaaaaaawd. I am stoked-as-a-stork to announce the brand new, just-born Bundle Organics™ brand. After a whirlwind of positioning, copywriting, photoshooting, product naming and collaboration with the design team at 1908 Brands and the ridiculously fabulous Whitney Port, we have officially launched!

This splash page is a mere placeholder and sneak peek of the full-fledged site to come, but you know I can’t resist a little teaser. As you can read, Bundle Organics is a brand of flavorful, functional snacks and beverages for every stage of motherhood. From fertility and pregnancy to nursing and beyond, we’ve got snack bars and bites, plus creamy smoothie mixes, effervescent fizzy drinks and sensational teas (which are now available online via BuyBuyBaby) to fit every mom’s taste.

New moms and moms-to-be, def check it out. And if you’re so inclined, join us on Instagram and Facebook to hashtag your baby bumps off with our empowering new tagline #MomAsYouAre. More to come very soon…

Veggies Like WHOA.

Crunch now, or forever hold your carrots and hummus because never have you ever snacked veggies like this. Made In Nature’s new crazy crunchy, madly munchy Veggie Pops are debatably the best healthy snack you can get your hungry hands on, and now they’ve officially been unleashed into the wild.

Made In Nature Veggie Pops are zesty, oven-crisped snack bites made with nothing but whole foods like kale, carrots, chickpeas, broccoli, almonds and spices. They’re not puffed, faked or fried and come in three organically snacky flavors you won’t believe are 100% plant-based and dairy-free with names like ‘Sour Cream’ & Onion, Broccoli Chedda and Salt & Pepper.

I had the pleasure to creative direct and write this explosive campaign-slash-sampling-program for the Veggie Pops product launch, and the freebies are going fast. Like, too fast. Like, we’ve been hitting our daily limit in mere minutes, so our ads must be working…











Feeling the hunger? Enter the giveaway, buy them straight-up at or head to a local retailer to get your veggie fix in awesomely snackable fashion. Sorry, baby carrots. You’re cute, but 7g of plant-based protein, 4g of fiber and boldly savory flavors baked into bite-sized balls are even cuter.

ADDENDUM: Guys! Hey, guys! We were on the Today Show, guys!

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