Veggies Like WHOA.

11/05 2018

Crunch now, or forever hold your carrots and hummus because never have you ever snacked veggies like this. Made In Nature’s new crazy crunchy, madly munchy Veggie Pops are debatably the best healthy snack you can get your hungry hands on, and now they’ve officially been unleashed into the wild.

Made In Nature Veggie Pops are zesty, oven-crisped snack bites made with nothing but whole foods like kale, carrots, chickpeas, broccoli, almonds and spices. They’re not puffed, faked or fried and come in three organically snacky flavors you won’t believe are 100% plant-based and dairy-free with names like ‘Sour Cream’ & Onion, Broccoli Chedda and Salt & Pepper.

I had the pleasure to creative direct and write this explosive campaign-slash-sampling-program for the Veggie Pops product launch, and the freebies are going fast. Like, too fast. Like, we’ve been hitting our daily limit in mere minutes, so our ads must be working…


Feeling the hunger? Enter the giveaway, buy them straight-up at or head to a local retailer to get your veggie fix in awesomely snackable fashion. Sorry, baby carrots. You’re cute, but 7g of plant-based protein, 4g of fiber and boldly savory flavors baked into bite-sized balls are even cuter.

ADDENDUM: Guys! Hey, guys! We were on the Today Show, guys!