Boom. Real Estate’s Got Some Edge.

05/02 2017

Typically, I don’t write real estate listings. As much as I love all my home-buying, space-selling clients, it’s just not my jam. But when Todd from BOOM Properties said that he wanted to shake up the listing world (translation: I could basically do whatever the hell I wanted), I just couldn’t resist.

It was my pleasure to write this boundary-pushing company’s website copy in partnership with the pros at Oblique Design who gave BOOM its killer new look. Now I’m honored to keep a good thing going and help bring their bold, attention-grabbing tone of voice to life where people least expect it.

Listing Samples:

The cathedral-feeling floor-to-ceiling windows in this second-story office space make it feel like a divine house of work-ship. (See what we did there?) For real though, just picture your business here: a spacious reception area, four private offices, onsite parking and a heavenly location that’ll restore your faith in real estate. Oh, and every time a new tenant moves in, an angel gets its wings.

Yes, you rule. We’ve all read the articles and seen the ranking lists. So how on earth am I still vacant? I’m a 2nd floor office space in East Boulder with elevator access, four private offices with windows, a bullpen or XL conference area, a kitchenette, on-site parking and more. I’m a deal and a half, so can we meet up and talk? There are lots of good lunch places around here. Signed, Ready and Waiting on Conestoga.

[Dramatic movie trailer voice] In a world where Silicon Valley tech style meets Mad Men mod, an office suite like no other prepares to take over the world. Set on epic Arapahoe Avenue, this heroic, open-layout space will take on its quest for domination with exposed ceilings, stylish finishes and (pause for effect) a conference room. Now playing at BOOM Properties. Get your tickets now.