Dual Fuel Has a New Star.

03/20 2023

In my line of work, you think a lot about food. And write a lot about food. And talk about, eat and play with a lot of food. So, you can probably understand my excitement when I got the opportunity to work with a brand that makes some of the best food on the planet possible. It’s my pleasure to announce that EBB Copywriting + Creative and Bluestar Cooking are officially an item (thanks to matchmaker and design lead Scott Hooten, of course).

Dual Fuel by Bluestar

My first project? Helping Bluestar throw their hat in the dual fuel game with their first-ever (and now award-winning) gas range/electric oven combo. Even more thrilling: Bluestar Dual Fuel features a HOT new 8-point sealed burner that puts even the most innovative professional kitchens to shame.

A Star is Born

The mind-blowing new X8 burner is such a star that it’s the only one Bluestar uses across its entire Dual Fuel collection. That means you get full-spectrum star power, performance and versatility from every burner on your cooktop. No more having to pick and choose between big or small burners for different jobs. No exceptions. Now you can cook whatever you want on any burner.

The X8 shines with a modern sealed design for more control, easier cleaning and the expansive 8-point heat coverage of the premium appliance brand’s iconic open burners.

EBB Meets Bluestar Heat

I presented a series of launch campaign concepts (the client picked the one called STARSTRUCK). Here’s a peek at the campaign vibe:

The spotlight is on. The red carpet is out. The hottest thing in dual fuel is about to make an entrance, and the star power is almost too much to handle.


We are BlueStar after all.

Introducing BlueStar’s first-ever dual fuel range: a rising star ready to bring fame-worthy performance to kitchens across America.

BlueStar Dual Fuel combines the power and control of our iconic star burners in a show-stopping new sealed design with the precision and touchscreen intelligence of an electric oven. It has the looks. It has the talents. It’s a versatile performer that will make every home cook feel like a celebrity chef.

Some Stars Are Born. These Are Handmade.

Bluestar Cooking has been handcrafting high-performance cooking appliances in Pennsylvania since 1880, so you can bet your burners that these babies can weeeeerk.

Once we had our sizzling hook, I crafted write web copy, promotional headlines, feature detail copy and more to bring the idea to life. See below for some screen grabs, or head to the web for the full experience.

Bringing home the brass

Today, as I embark on a new project with these superstars of culinary creation (stay tuned for more on that soon!), I was informed that our campaign played a role in helping Bluestar Dual Fuel win BEST IN SHOW at the leading industry trade show. huge congratulations to Eliza, Ann, Scott and the Bluestar team on this extraordinary win, and many thanks for having me aboard. Now let’s get to work, take the gold for this next product launch and make a habit of it. WHO’S WITH ME?