Crave. Save. Repeat.

02/20 2017

Let me get this straight, Made In Nature. You want me and Urban Canvas to create a coupon book, but it can’t be a coupon book. It has to have coupons (yes) and it has to save people money (yes), but it has to be cooler, more conceptual and more wallet-worthy than any other clip-to-scrimp nonsense you’ve ever seen. Ok. Uhmm. Gulp.

Wait. Wait! We got it. We’ll call it: The Craver Saver.

 Image credit: Made In Nature’s Facebook page

Introducing the first collection of coupons you’ll actually debate using because they look so darn good you’ll want to keep them around. The Craver Saver (named and imagined by moi) is designed to showcase and promote trial of Made In Nature’s full spectrum of Supersnacks with each coupon designed like a credit card that will—CHA-CHING!—save you the big bucks when you buy now.

Want a Craver Saver of your own? Sign up free right here. Note: Urban Canvas and I worked up the landing page too.

Major props to UC for their inspired design and execution. And of course, thanks to Made In Nature for letting us play with your food.