Carpe Diem? Try Carpe Snackem.

07/23 2018

To all the bold and brazen snackers who refuse to let a moment of life (or a morsel of real food) pass them by, this is the promo you’ve been waiting for. Supersnackers, meet the all-holy Made In Nature freebie. Freebies, meet the mouths who are about to seize your organic goodness and make the most of this delicious day.

I had more fun than the FDA, USDA or most likely the FBI would deem legal working on this single-serve Made In Nature giveaway with my pals at Urban Canvas. We came up with a range of hunger-conquering concepts, but destiny took hold and “Seize the Snack” reigned supreme. I’m pretty damn proud of the copy I wrote for each piece of this multifaceted campaign (landing page, emails, in-box card and on-box messaging), and the design is so on point, it’s almost embarrassing.

So please, for the love of all that is organic, don’t waste another minute reading this. Go forth and get your own Made In Nauture freebie. May you devour each bite as if it were your last. May you be proud of what you put in your body, and even prouder of what it empowers you to do. May you always answer when flavor calls, and may you live each day to EAT OUT LOUD. Snack on, brave ones. Snack on.