Get in on Getaround.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the sharing economy. I love the idea of a world that produces less stuff and creates more connections by following a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: share. Or in my case: “Damnit, Erin! Share with your sister!” With my now-matured love of the ol’ give-and-take, you can probably imagine my glee at the opportunity to write a series of email campaigns for Getaround, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service based in San Francisco and driving its way across the U.S.

Not only does Getaround make it super easy to rent a ride right in your own ‘hood (you unlock your rental on-demand from an app on your phone), but it also helps car owners earn extra cash on their wheels that are just taking up space parked somewhere.

Check out Getaround on their website or download the app to start car-sharing today. It’s perfect for everything from weekend getaways (fit your whole crew in a Jeep or SUV), commutes (sensible sedans aplenty), moving (pick-up trucks you don’t have to beg your friend to borrow), running errands (in a convertible…to look cool when you go pick up your prescriptions), or just going for a joyride (Tesla, anyone?). Thanks to the Getaround team for letting me write for your rad brand, and to designer Chad Morgan for bringing me onboard. Can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal on many more campaigns to come.

Roar, Vegans, Roar…for Blue Herbivore!

This is a cool one, guys. Especially if you’re like me and can’t seem to get enough plant-based flavor through that hole in your head. Side note: This pro-vegan message is brought to you by my increasing fear of our planet’s health thanks to an article I saw in the New York Times this morning, plus about a billion other articles, facts, films and sources. For real, people…just switching your snack from beef to wheat can make a difference.

But enough politics. (I swear that was the first time I did that, but this is getting SCARY.) I want to introduce you to the forever flavorful and the wildly wheat-based Blue Herbivore, previously known to loyal fans across Arizona as Maggi Vegan Jerkee. What started as a farmers market brand in 2017 has now undergone a full brand refresh, and I happen to think the results speak for themselves.


New back-of-pack copy:
Hello, friend. The wildly satisfying vegan jerky you’re about to enjoy is more than meets the eye (or ‘meats’ the mouth). Each boldly seasoned batch roars with flavor and empowers you with the plant-based nutrition you need to bring your best self to the table. Or meeting. Or workout. Or party. Or binge-a-thon of that show you love. Because at Blue Herbivore, we believe that plants have the power to fuel your potential anytime and anywhere you have the chance to chew.

That “chew” part is thanks to this jerky’s texture because this stuff’s got BITE. It chews like real meat, holds up its structure as you snack, and satisfies the desire for clean protein and nutrition from sources that don’t have a mother.

But why wheat, you ask? Good question. To date, vegan diet has been dominated with soy-based meat alternatives, and Blue Herbivore is here to prove that soy is just the starting line of plant-based protein snacks. Seitan (aka “wheat meat”) is ready to claim its rightful spot in the meatless jerky category and beyond, and Alicia Potter of Faven Creative literally could not have done a better job bringing it all to life with this expressive and explosive design. My roles included the new brand positioning, packaging copy, flavor naming and some light brand name consulting.

Our clients tell us that their website and storefront are coming VERY soon, so I’ll def update this blog when they are. Until then, just get ready: a plant-based roar is about to reverberate through America in a BIG way.

Previous packaging for reference:

I’m Pregnant…with HUGE News.

Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gaaaaaaaaaawd. I am stoked-as-a-stork to announce the brand new, just-born Bundle Organics™ brand. After a whirlwind of positioning, copywriting, photoshooting, product naming and collaboration with the design team at 1908 Brands and the ridiculously fabulous Whitney Port, we have officially launched!

This splash page is a mere placeholder and sneak peek of the full-fledged site to come, but you know I can’t resist a little teaser. As you can read, Bundle Organics is a brand of flavorful, functional snacks and beverages for every stage of motherhood. From fertility and pregnancy to nursing and beyond, we’ve got snack bars and bites, plus creamy smoothie mixes, effervescent fizzy drinks and sensational teas (which are now available online via BuyBuyBaby) to fit every mom’s taste.

New moms and moms-to-be, def check it out. And if you’re so inclined, join us on Instagram and Facebook to hashtag your baby bumps off with our empowering new tagline #MomAsYouAre. More to come very soon…

Life with Comfort. Life with Style. Life with Campbell.

When a hotshot digital agency like Betterweather comes to you with a project and says, “Erin, we know writing for a Colorado Springs homebuilder may sound a little boring, but the client is AWESOME,” you listen. Well…first you violently hang up on them at the mere mention of the word “boring,” but then you come to your senses, call them back, and listen.

This precise scenario may or may not have gone down the way I’ve described it—it did—but that’s neither here nor there. It turned out to be an absolute treat doing the content strategy and copywriting for this gorgeous new website for Campbell Homes not only because the clients were, as Betterweather promised, some of the most enjoyable people I’ve ever LOLed with via email. But also because we all wanted the same thing: to shake things up and have a little fun in a sleepy, creatively starved category.

After months of hard work, the resulting site is airy and bright with no shortage of movement and gradients. The navigation and content structure is streamlined and organized. The copy is conversational and, at times, even a little quirky. And the brand’s new online experience is uplifting, engaging and ready for homebuying action.

From writing about each unique neighborhood to telling the tale of Campbell Homes’ legacy, this was one of my favorite projects of the past year, and it couldn’t have happened for a better company. Like I wrote on their About page, “Experience is what got us here, and now it’s what drives our success. After all, doing things the right way isn’t always the easy way, but we’re not afraid of a challenge. A little elbow grease never hurt anyone.”

Thanks to Rob, Tracy and Matt over at Betterweather for bringing me on, and to Jenna at Campbell Homes for taking that corgi meme way too far (which in reality, wasn’t far enough).

Meet the Farmstead CBD Brand.

I came across VitaMia Hemp in a rather roundabout, non-buisness-related way. You see, my new cat Puffin (seen below) had terrible allergies and autoimmune issues that made him itchy all over with painful and unsightly skin reactions. After two traditional vets had “solved” the problem with steroids, steroids, steroids, I changed course with a vet boasting a more natural and nutrition-based approach. Dr. Fern recommended that I immediately change Puff’s diet (a decision that freed him of steroids in less than 2 weeks) and then add some CBD to the mix. Not just any CBD would do, though. She had a strong recommendation for where to find it: “There’s this couple who grows all their own hemp on their family farm up in Berthoud.” Local?! Family?! FARM?! Needless to say, I was sold, and I made the 40-minute drive that same afternoon.



After adding the VitaMia Hemp Pet Tincture to Puffin’s food for a few months, I saw noticeable improvement in his skin and coat. His fur is sooooooo soft, and I think the CBD also gave Puff’s raw, meat-only diet an extra boost. His true personality was finally able to come through—happy, vigorous and ready to explore the world at full speed. Sadly, my quiet, minimalist home was no longer the right place for this adventure-seeking feline, so he’s in a more fitting home now (sniff, sniff, wipe tear). But I have VitaMia in part to thank for helping me give Puffin his health back and get the chance to live a long and healthy life, naturally. No steroids required.

Anyway, now to the work part. After meeting John and Carina, the cool-as-kicks couple behind VitaMia Hemp, I mentioned that I thought their website could use some improvements and that I was the girl for the job. Before I knew it, we were kicking off a full website revamp and repositioning the brand with their epic point of difference: the farm.

VitaMia Hemp is now ‘The Farmstead CBD Brand,’ a hardworking Colorado company crafting ultra-premium full-spectrum hemp products for people, pets and the world. The new tagline, My Life. My Nature.™, is inspired by the brand name, which translates literally in Italian to “my life”.

It was a joy helping bring this growing brand into its own, and I am incredibly proud of the beautiful new website that we created together. So if you’re reading this and have even an ounce of interest in the polypharmaceutical benefits of full-spectrum hemp, take a look and read all about it at Oh, and don’t forget to enter the code Terptember15 through the end of this month for 15% off your order.

It’s Okay to Stare.

True style is born from self-expression, and if one brand can prove how much creativity, cool and head-turning confidence can come alive from “frame fashion,” it’s On Your Face Glasses. Founded by corporate expat and longtime eyeglass expert Jen Stier, On Your Face Glasses is where individual style and playful sophistication collide to make you (and you and you and you) feel your best behind a sweet new pair of specs.

This startup’s freshly minted website is officially up and running, and it features one-on-one customization and online convenience to help anyone and everyone find their next great frame. Like the site says (and I wrote), Jen’s not just here to help you find glasses that fit your face in every chic detail. She’s here to bring your style up to your level—of passion, personality, success, attitude and everything else you’ve got going for you.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed helping bring this brand to life. Thanks to designer extraordinaire Lacey Ankenman for looping me in, I had the opportunity to shape On Your Face Glasses’ creative strategy and tone of voice, as well as write all the website copy. We landed on a personality that’s confident and playful: the outfitters of true individuals. This is a brand that goes beyond simple shape, size and color to unleash what’s within and let your inner awesome shine out.

The site highlights Jen’s signature stylist video chats and curated collection of frames with sass, class and everything in between. So if you’re sick of the same old glasses, head on over to OYFG and treat your peepers to the future of eyewear shopping. Oh, and many thanks to the lovely Ms. Stier for trusting me with her baby, and to Lacey for being a fierce friend and partner, not to mention an embarrassment of visual talent. I wuv you both.

Pact’s Pact: As Yourself or Not At All.

If you’re looking to put some sustainable swagger in your shopping routine, consider this a shameless plug for what’s becoming one of my very favorite clients: Pact Apparel. This planet-conscious basics brand settles for nothing less than the finest organic cotton, fair trade at a fair price, and the best fitting and -feeling styles you’ll ever have the pleasure of putting your butt in (underwear’s their bestseller).

I’ve been hard at work with the leadership and creative teams over the past few months to capture what really makes Pact great—beyond the obvious ethics slant—in a spanking new brand vision (last ass reference, I swear). We landed in a place of purely unpretentious and naturally nonjudgemental individuality. Pact’s empowering new tagline: As Yourself, or Not At All™. You’re the best part of any outfit anyway. Pact just provides the clothes you need to unleash what’s underneath.

Stay tuned for buttloads (sorry) more fun stuff to come, including a new look, website refresh, articles, ads and more. And for a guaranteed good time online, follow them on Instagram. You know, if you’re into that.

Now get off your keister and buy some briefs or bikinis already. Or leggings. Or a hoodie. Or some socks. Everybody likes socks.


So Happy Together in Atlanta

Live Love Atlanta is a boutique real estate firm led by the fearless Connie Carlson. After years building one of Cobb County, Georgia’s most trusted local businesses, Connie knew it was time to solidify her marketing game with a clear and potent brand positioning. Cut to the chase: she brought me in to do the job.

I reviewed the Atlanta competitors (in depth). I talked at length with the team about what makes Live Love Atlanta so damn lovable (and livable). And I facilitated a half-day workshop (over Skype!) to determine who this brand really was. We landed in a place of belonging and togetherness—a concept seldom touched in the often selfish and isolating world of real estate agents. And according to Connie, the fresh perspective is making friends left and right.

Keep reading for some of the new brand language, and keep an eye out for LLA’s iconic blue sold signs around town. These people know “finding home” in Georgia. Like, for real.


Live Love Atlanta is a boutique real estate firm proudly serving the communities we call home. But instead of telling you how we work, how about we tell you how we thrive? It’ll be more fun that way, and fun is something we always welcome. Like new friends. And sold signs. And happy hours and/or happy dances.


Starring: The Crested Butte Film Festival

Just recently, I was identified by someone very close to me as a cinephile.


A cinephile.

Until that moment, I thought I was just like everyone else in my love for feature films and documentaries. I was all, “Are there people out there who AREN’T like this?” Apparently there are—weird—but lucky for me, those people were not in attendance at the 2017 Crested Butte Film Festival (CBFF), a brand and event I am so proud to be a part of.

Earlier this year, I worked directly with festival directors Jennifer and Michael Brody and operations director Kat Cooke to uncover the inherent positioning of the CBFF brand. I dug deep into the competitive landscape to reveal how other fests like Sundance, Telluride, Tribeca, Sun Valley, Denver and others communicate their points of difference. From there, I developed five distinct creative platforms that I believed Crested Butte could authentically own. We landed in a space of transformation and the following line, which has become the official new slogan for the festival:


From a transformative mission to deliver programming that moves your soul to ActNow, a program that empowers filmgoers to convert inspiration into immediate action, Crested Butte Film Festival fits and fulfills this positioning like a glove.

I am so grateful to Jen and Michael for inviting me to attend this year. I was, to say the least, moved. This event and community have so much heart, and Crested Butte has become one of my new favorite places to visit. Oh, and the films weren’t too shabby either. A couple of my gold star picks: The Guys Next Door and Band Aid. Check ’em out.

Strategy Is Just ESG’s Starting Line.

I’m not always so keen to work on B2B stuff, but when Paul Reed of Denver’s Reed Hill approached me about a website for a group of “professional executionists,” my curiosity piqued in a way that felt all warm and fuzzy inside. It even tickled a little, which was neat.

Execution Specialists Group, or ESG for short, is a fascinating organization. Basically, when a massive company goes through some sort of transformation, be it a merger, acquisition or other epic evolution, ESG makes sh*t happen. Fancy strategy firms may be the ones to lay the groundwork for change, but these guys actually do the work and get the job(s) done. Boots, meet ground. Pedal, meet metal. Make sense?

Of course, you know I can’t resist a good tone of voice challenge, and this one was a doozy. Before digging into the full website, I wrote three versions of a potential “About Us” section to give the client a sampling of various tones. From strictly profesh to daring and disruptive, the spectrum of tones helped us hone in on the true expression of ESG. We landed on a straightforward, confident, active brand personality that lends itself beautifully to the very verb-oriented nature of ESG’s work.

From there, I got to work alongside the megatalents at Reed Hill to define the content strategy and image style before putting hand to keyboard and writing what’s now LIVE as a pretty dope new website. So congrats on the launch, ESG. And many thanks to Reed Hill for bringing me in on this bad boy. Your partnership is inspiring and your design, dev and photography moves could kill. I’m glad you know where to find me when you have another site to slaughter.

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