Laser Optics? Sure. I’ll Name It.

07/20 2016

You throw me an absurdly technical, insanely scientific industry, and I’ll just go off and do my creative thaaang. Deal?

That’s pretty much how things went when I was asked to name a new laser optics company founded by three of the smartest engineers and businessmen on the face of the planet. I sat with these guys for hours asking questions like I was a kindergartener trying to understand the difference between “yellow” and “cow.” But in the end, the juice was worth the squeeze because we landed on an ownable, innovative and descriptive name that proves the power of experience. Introducing: FiveNine Optics, named for the fact that this company’s optics (mirrors) resonate more than 99.999% of light. That’s five nines, kids.


The lovely Amy Hayes designed the brand identity and is the woman responsible for connecting me with the client (thanks again, Ame). And I’m proud to say that FiveNine is now well equipped to make (light)waves in the industry with their polished look and memorable new name.