Meet The Functionist.

08/19 2021

Sometimes all your tired brain needs is a last-minute, super-quick-turn project that hits like an electric surge to your system (and your schedule).

It happened to me earlier this year when the creative co-op-portunitists at Indee came to me with a naming challenge on hyperdrive. I had, like, 4 days (weekend included) to generate, trademark screen and present a list of breakthrough names for a new brand of functional fungi blends. The winner: THE FUNCTIONIST.

The Functionist was created by Turas Mara, a team of planet protectors led by the fearless Richard Cargill. Now the brand is live online and ready to make your mornings the best time of the day. This supplement powder is crafted with a sustainable blend of ten powerful mushrooms and makes the perfect addition to your morning cup of joe. From organic maitake to balance your blood sugar and changa for its super antioxidants to hormone-balancing agaricus blazei and adaptogenic reishi, the mushroom gang’s all here.

Photo Credits: The Functionist

The Thinking Behind the Name

In the simplest terms: functional foods do stuff. They’re not just flavor. They’re not all fluff. It’s food with a job to do, and this name illustrates that insight in a highly descriptive way. Alone, the name could feel solely mission-driven, but when paired with fluid illustration and a modern aesthetic, it’s transformed into something inspiring and unexpected.

Happy Shrooming

Congratulations to Turas Mara for the launch, and thanks to Indee for bringing me along for the naming portion of this project. The packaging design and website look 😍. We made something cool together, and now I can’t wait to get my first sip. Onward to the shroomiverse!