Because Cookie Dough.

12/30 2020

Say hello to Whoa Dough, the cookie dough snack bars that taste so sinful, you’ll be shocked at their ingredient innocence. They’re also certified gluten-free (what?!), vegan (wait…huh?!) and serve up 4–5g of protein per bar at only 170 calories or less. Oh, and dare I mention only 10g of sugar or less? Mind: blown.

Whoa Dough is the culinary invention of Todd Goldstein, an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed foodie father who couldn’t imagine a world without cookie dough for himself and his two gluten-sensitive sons. Todd and I met when he hired me to help launch an entirely different brand (more on that project soon!), and we hit it off like WHOA. Now I’m honored to be helping out on Whoa Dough as the brand expands — nay, explodes — onto shelves across the nation. Todd worked up a devilishly delicious new formula for all five flavors, added bomb-diggity Brownie Batter to the roster, and now retailers are bringing in these bars in droves.

I’ve been honored to help Todd refine his messaging strategy and approach retailers with targeted sales pitches. From huge national chains that feed the masses to high-end specialty and snack stores, Whoa Dough has what it takes to fit in pretty much anywhere — and for pretty much anyone, allergies be damned.

Whoa Dough’s bright and playful packaging grabs your attention and sparks your sweet tooth while the flavors are so dough-licious it’s crazy.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. A classic.
Sugar Cookie Dough. Simple, yet sensational.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. A food fantasy turned reality.
Sprinkle Cookie Dough. My personal fave…like birthday cake in a bar.
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough. Even better than a spoonful from a fresh jar.
Brownie Batter. (drool)
Boom, baby.

The previous recipes were good and all, but the new ones take sweet, guilt-free snacking to a whole new level. I’m a huge cookie dough fan. In fact, I’m the kind of person who licks the Pillsbury plastic before throwing it away and “gold mines” for dough chunks in ice cream. I can honestly say that these things bite and satisfy like the real thing. Don’t believe me? Order a variety pack on Amazon or the brand’s website now or find Whoa Dough in a store near you.