Newmont Gold iPad App Launched.

01/31 2012

Gold equity, land portfolios, near mine exploration, blahdy-blahdy-blah. Actually, this stuff is anything but blah—it’s downright blah-less. These complex topics are among the many I learned about while writing the newly launched Investor Relations Guide for Newmont Mining, and I gotta say, it’s pretty interesting stuff. In fact, with gold prices on the rise (and showing no sign of slowing down), this sucker is coming out just in time.

With the inspiring creative direction, design and account management of my dear friends at Akavit, together we’ve created a modern and seamless way to effectively serve up more mining investment info than most people could stomach in a lifetime.

The whole thing’s live now in the app store, so click over and download it for free if you want to get learn-ed and sound really smart in front of your friends. Ah yes, Newmont’s gold price-linked dividend is a groundbreaking move for the industry, setting their shareholder returns well above those of its peers and even the S&P 500. Oh yeah, I went there.