Heavenly Haven.

11/26 2012

Attention, all my fellow outdoor enthusiasts and, well, outdoor non-enthusiasts, too. I know many of us Boulderites are pretty hardcore when it comes to camping—50-pound pack? Pishaw. Make it 60!—but I think we all know that most of our gear leaves much to be desired in the comfort and style departments. Camping stuff tends to be totally focused on function, kicking sophisticated looks and unique visual design to the curb. Boo.

Well, those days are about to be long gone because my awesome client Grasshaven Outdoor is bringing cool, modern style to the family campsite. And when I say “style,” I don’t mean these folks are going full-on “glampy.” Seriously, have you heard of this whole glamping (glamourous camping) thing? Google it. It’s a touch too luxe for my taste, which is why I’m so psyched Grasshaven is doing stylish camping right. In fact, their store will soon be bursting with great products for eating, sleeping, lounging, playing and doing whatever else you want to do in the great outdoors.

Check out the temporary landing page, and go social-media crazy. ‘Like’ them on Facebook, start tweeting, read their blog and spread the word. Grasshaven’s full website is in the works, and I’ll be sure to keep you posted. This is gonna be big.