Want to Hang With Whit?



Seriously, guys. This is a cool one. I was first introduced to Whitney Port when I used to watch her on MTV’s The Hills, and then later, her spinoff The City. I legitimately remember telling my husband more than once that “I like Whitney best. Actually, she’s the only one I like. She seems like a nice person.”

Fast-forward ten years to 2018 when my clients at 1908 Brands acquired Bundle Organics™, the bomb-diggity motherhood nutrition brand co-founded by — you guessed it — Whitney Port. I attempted to muffle my squeals of excitement, and I’m only half-ashamed to admit that I only half-succeeded. I. Was. PUMPED.

For the past year, it’s been a privilege to work with Whitney on the Bundle Organics brand, from positioning and tagline (#MomAsYouAre) to packaging, web stuff and events. And now, I can honestly report that she is just as lovely, if not lovelier, than I expected. As normal folk, we always want celebrities to be good people, don’t we? And it’s such a bummer when you hear those stories about your favorites being jerks. But Whitney is an absolute pro and a delight to work with, so I was beyond honored when she asked me to help script the trailer and promo messaging for her new podcast, With Whit.

Photo credit: @WhitneyEvePort

On the show, Whitney will be talking to a range of fascinating people, including close friends and family who have known and loved her for decades and experts in the fields of fashion, beauty, motherhood, wellness, relationships and more. The conversations will be “real, raw and sometimes ridiculous,” (I wrote that part for the trailer, hehe), so you can bet it’s going to be some gooooood listenin’.

The first two episodes of With Whit post next week on May 21, so make sure to listen to the trailer and subscribe on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you get your podcasts) so you don’t miss a minute of the fun. Many thanks to Whitney for trusting me to help out on your passion project, and I can’t wait for The Hills New Beginnings to premiere on MTV this June. You can bet your Hollywood butt I’ll be watching.

Get in on Getaround.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the sharing economy. I love the idea of a world that produces less stuff and creates more connections by following a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: share. Or in my case: “Damnit, Erin! Share with your sister!” With my now-matured love of the ol’ give-and-take, you can probably imagine my glee at the opportunity to write a series of email campaigns for Getaround, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service based in San Francisco and driving its way across the U.S.

Not only does Getaround make it super easy to rent a ride right in your own ‘hood (you unlock your rental on-demand from an app on your phone), but it also helps car owners earn extra cash on their wheels that are just taking up space parked somewhere.

Check out Getaround on their website or download the app to start car-sharing today. It’s perfect for everything from weekend getaways (fit your whole crew in a Jeep or SUV), commutes (sensible sedans aplenty), moving (pick-up trucks you don’t have to beg your friend to borrow), running errands (in a convertible…to look cool when you go pick up your prescriptions), or just going for a joyride (Tesla, anyone?). Thanks to the Getaround team for letting me write for your rad brand, and to designer Chad Morgan for bringing me onboard. Can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal on many more campaigns to come.

Five Senses Is Just the Start.

When it comes to our senses, hasn’t the number five had enough time in the spotlight? Sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell get all the attention, but what about the unsung sensorial heroes? From balance and breathlessness to correction and temperature, there are so many other senses we rely on every day.

Our Senses: Creating Your Reality brings them all together—inner and outer tools of detection and perception—into a hands-on (and nose-on, and eyes-on, and feels-on) exhibit for the whole family. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science wants everyone to make sense of their many senses, and you may be surprised at how much influence they have over how you experience the world.

I had all the feels (apparently I’m SUPER sensitive) working on this campaign with my buddies at Urban Canvas. The concept prompts viewers to question what they think they know and expand their “senses” definition outside the usual five.

Our Senses: Creating Your Reality opens in just a couple of weeks on April 12 and runs through August 4, so get it on the calendar and bring the whole family. The sight room reveals a visual explosion of ocular discovery. The balance room engulfs you in walls so wickedly wavy that you won’t know which way is up. The correction room blows your mind with the science behind why it deosn’t mttaer waht oredr the ltteers are in a wrod for you to be albe to raed it. So yeah. You don’t want to miss this one.

Welcome to Surreality.

With brilliance so blinding, it can be hard to hold the gaze of Salvador Dalí and René Magritte’s oracular works for more than a few minutes. But the longer you stare, the farther you fall into the depths of the subconscious. Like an impossible portal opening up to a blue sky abyss punctuated by pearly clouds, Magritte and Dalí will set your imagination free to accept impossibility and explore the immersive artistic dialogue shared by the two most recognized Surrealists of our era. What you think you see does not exist beyond the anti-existential environments they created. So, enter with your eyes and mind wide open—and for the love of avant-garde, try not to blink.

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has done it again—this time, welcoming the works of fellow surrealist René Magritte as its latest temporary exhibition. With bowler hats, apples and a pipe (not really…smoking’s gross) to fuel our creativity, I created this advertising campaign with the design masters at Urban Canvas. The concept uses “Magrittian” themes and Dalí himself to eliminate the expected and create a striking, suggestive call to action for exhibition visitors.

In the Florida area? Don’t miss the exhibit, along with The Dalí’s extensive permanent collection. It’s definitely worth the trip, and Magritte & Dalí runs now through May 19.

Making Moments at BCD.

Our new “moments” advertising campaign for Boulder Country Day School is up and running, and these snapshot-driven vignettes are definitely doing their duty to illuminate the joyful world that is BCD. Inspired by the passion and life that flows through the hallways and classrooms of this extraordinary school, the campaign is designed to capture meaningful moments when students and teachers have discovered their own unique excellence.

Keep an eye out for the ads in publications around the Boulder area, and if you’re interested in learning more, let me know. I have a pretty legit ‘in’ with the admissions director (cough, Susan, cough).













And from sweet school days to schweeeeet fall nights, the 2018 BCD Gala is coming up a week from today. I had, like, a totally tubular time writing the invitation, video intro script and other bitchin’ collateral for this righteously 80s-themed evening. It’s a happen’n throwback to 1988 in celebration of the school’s 30th anniversary, and I can’t wait to headbang my way to a major migraine the morning after. Like, so sure.















Thanks to Susan, Julie, Diana and John for your continued trust and partnership as we give America the 411 on BCD. You guys are so boss.


Spirit, resilience and pride are some of Cuba’s most valuable natural resources. It’s an island that’s seen some things…a nation with hard-earned character and grit. The storied walls and boulevards share the wear of respected elders’ faces and prove why this is a place worth wandering. You may come to ¡Cuba!: The Exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science thinking of politics, but you’ll leave thinking of passion: a kaleidoscope of unique species, landscapes, communities and traditions that call Cuba home. So don’t just say it, shout it: ¡Viva Cuba! Long live this vibrant island nation and the deep-rooted rhythm that makes it unlike anywhere else on earth.

I had the opportunity to create this beautifully bright and colorful advertising campaign for the latest traveling exhibit to hit DMNS alongside my friends at Urban Canvas. The concept is designed to blend the Denver Cuban-American community’s desire for an authentic representation of their home country with the lighter energy and content of the exhibit. ¡Cuba! opens October 26, so come discover the culture, creatures, landscapes, locals and more vibrant life than you can imagine.

Get a Clue, Or a Few…

Do you dare? Do not beware. There are puzzles here and there.
Look to your brain, not what it lacks, and seek the secret code to crack.
Come to our door and you will meet a wacky gent named Mr. E.
Then come inside, enjoy the ride, and bring your master mind alive!

If you have kiddos (or just a grown-up obsession with puzzles), you don’t want to miss Mindbender Mansion at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Inside these doors, the whole family is invited to unleash their intellects on a dizzying display of brainteasers, mysteries and group activities.

From technology, science, arts and math, every answer lays the path…
to a coveted space for you and me in the Mindbender Society.

I got to dust off my rhyming shoes to create this cockamame campaign with a sort of brain-busters-meets-the-Mad-Hatter thing going on, and as per usual, Urban Canvas crushed it on the designs and custom illustration work. I even tried my own hand at the puzzles this past weekend when I visited Mindbender Mansion as well as Dead Sea Scrolls, which has sold out practically every day since opening. I like to think our campaign had a little something to do with that, but maaaaaybe it was the fact that they’re some of the rarest and most significant archaeological finds ever discovered on earth. Maybe.

Self. Driving. Cadillacs.

Absolute positioning for self-driving vehicles. Is that level of precision even possible?

Trimble RTX is the single best performing precise point positioning correction technology on the market, and absolute positioning is just their starting line. Think absolute accuracy down to 2.5 centimeters. Absolute quality and coverage at the right cost. Absolute trust and reliability from the definitive leader in GNSS technology that’s been driving tractors from space for years. And maybe most importantly, absolute peace of mind for drivers on the open road.

It was a pleasure—as always—creating this print ad with Urban Canvas on behalf of our friends at Trimble. Headlines and the crisp center line draw readers in with the idea of absolution, and then the car and copy surprise them with the fact that Trimble RTX is the Cadillac of autonomous driving technology (and the only technology trusted by Cadillac).

With Trimble RTX “behind the wheel,” suddenly self-driving cars don’t seem so scary. Other drivers with texting addictions…now that’s another story.

Pact Is Only Available in Green.

Every day is Earth Day at Pact because organic is the only language they know. From organic undies that make your booty every shade of ethical to organic cotton tees that prove how everyone looks in “green,” this apparel company (and one of the best clients EVER) is putting eco-conscious clothing on the map. You know…where it should be.

We created this clever “Green Is Our Only Color” campaign to promote this year’s Earth Week festivities on social media. We’re also sending out some big love via email to give super fans an planet-sized discount to celebrate the occasion. Check it out.

(click to enlarge image)

We Won Stuff for This One.

Double-takes, deep thought and undiluted disruption. These are the chronic symptoms of exposure to the surreal and conceptual makings of Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp. These anarchists of artistic expression redefined art by forcing the world to view it through a non-retinal lens. They went off the wall and outside of the lines, illuminating beauty in the ordinary, ugly and obscene. They challenged assumptions and adored disorder. They took a theoretical red pen to the limits of tradition and wrote their own rules one sculpture, painting and urinal at a time. It’s art because they said it was art. And if you don’t like it, piss off.

This newly award-winning (what whaaaaaaat?!) campaign that I wrote and concepted with Urban Canvas warps words in the same way that Dalí and Duchamp changed the face of art: creating new ideas by any means necessary. We took conventional headlines and altered them to say the exact opposite—making it look like someone had come and tagged the billboard to change its message. If you remember my blog about The Fifty (where we scored the award), I promised a follow-up and this is it.

As we speak, The Dalí Museum’s Duchamp exhibit is attracting a both crowds and conversation thanks to this standout campaign. Also, probably the fact that the main image is a urinal, but we’ll take the credit where we can.

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