BREAKING NEWS: Ultimate Dinosaurs In Denver

10/09 2017

HUGE news is breaking RIGHT NOW in Denver, Colorado as an all-new crew of just-discovered dinosaurs smashes onto the local scene. This is happening LIVE, people! 16 never-before-seen, full-scale skeletons were recently discovered at the far reaches of the earth. They’re unlike any dinosaurs you’ve ever seen, and now they’re here taking over our city! See the headline-stealing Giganotosaurus and Eoraptor in all their cretaceous glory! Get the real-time scoop on plate tectonics and the supercontinent Gowanda! Walk among giants and be a part of history in the making—reported live, only from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

I seriously could not have had more fun working on this campaign with the gang from Urban Canvas. When we get in a room, the magnitude of creative energy could rival the Big Bang. So, keep your eyes peeled for our killer campaign, and don’t miss this epic exhibit of ancient predators. They’re more humungous than you can imagine. They’re wilder than your wildest dreams. They’re so ferociously rare, they make T-Rex look ordinary. Boom.