Dali, Meet da Vinci.

04/03 2015

The Dali Museum‘s latest visiting exhibition, Dalí & da Vinci: Minds, Machines and Masterpieces, unites the fantastical devices, inventions and imaginative works of two iconic greats. Salvador Dalí and Leonardo da Vinci were both relentlessly ahead of their times, and now museum visitors can explore the creations that have born intrigue, inspiration and innovation ever since.

After weeks of hard work, this campaign promoting the exhibition is finally in full swing. Alongside Urban Canvas, I helped create the concept, billboards, online communications, a TV spot and other materials that have contributed to great attendance so far. BONUS: Before the show was officially announced and after I presented the headline below, the museum even decided to change the exhibition’s name to reflect this descriptive yet poetic language. Bam.

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 9.34.18 AM