Self. Driving. Cadillacs.

06/07 2018

Absolute positioning for self-driving vehicles. Is that level of precision even possible?

Trimble RTX is the single best performing precise point positioning correction technology on the market, and absolute positioning is just their starting line. Think absolute accuracy down to 2.5 centimeters. Absolute quality and coverage at the right cost. Absolute trust and reliability from the definitive leader in GNSS technology that’s been driving tractors from space for years. And maybe most importantly, absolute peace of mind for drivers on the open road.

It was a pleasure—as always—creating this print ad with Urban Canvas on behalf of our friends at Trimble. Headlines and the crisp center line draw readers in with the idea of absolution, and then the car and copy surprise them with the fact that Trimble RTX is the Cadillac of autonomous driving technology (and the only technology trusted by Cadillac).

With Trimble RTX “behind the wheel,” suddenly self-driving cars don’t seem so scary. Other drivers with texting addictions…now that’s another story.