Pumpkin Bread and #PumpkinPics.

10/28 2015

Fall is in the air, which means pumpkin is edging it’s big orange butt into practically everything. Lattes, lipsticks (yes, really), cereal, syrups, you name it. And now, a whole new kind of pumpkin bread.


Introducing the first-ever limited-edition offering from Rudi’s Organic Bakery: soft and scrumptious Pumpkin Sandwich Bread. It’s not overly sweet like the frosted kind you’ll find at Starbucks, and it’s not your same old boring blah slices. So basically, Rudi’s cracked the code in creating the perfect pumpkin product in a sea of un-gourd-ly misses. Way to go, bakers.

It’s been a great experience working on the launch for this new product with Vermilion Design + Digital. I got to work on the web copy, online ads and help create a Facebook sweepstakes called #PumpkinPics. Want to enter? It’s live through November 6, 2015 and you could win a brand new knife set (perfect for carving pumpkins).