Dressed to Thrill: Schiaparelli at The Dalí

09/13 2017

It takes a brave man to defy convention in the style of Salvador Dalí. And during a tumultuous time, some might argue, an even braver woman. Untamed and delightfully unusual, Elsa Schiaparelli brought the fashion establishment to its knees without apology. This daring designer upended how women wore clothes, reinvented fit by refusing to fit in, and challenged the norms of form, fabric and femininity. After all, breaking boundaries was in this broad’s blood, and likewise, it was the central element of Dalí’s DNA.

Coming October 18, 2017–January 14, 2018, The Dalí Museum welcomes masterful works from these unconventional artists who, together, stripped down our collective consciousness to the rawest forms of art, fashion and “provocouture.Dalí & Schiaparelli will include authentic pieces of Schiap’s daring haute couture, surreal creations by Salvador Dalí, inspiring collaborations between the two, and new designs from the current House of Schiaparelli in Paris.

Giant fist bump to Urban Canvas for designing such a breathtakingly beautiful campaign to illustrate our In Daring Fashion concept (inspired by Schiap’s famous butterfly dress). We had a blast brainstorming ideas to promote this show of wearable shock and awe, not to mention I got to write the headlines and stuff. So to all of you fashionistas and SHOCKoholics, this is a runway you won’t want to miss.

ADDITION: On October 12, the campaign name and headline appeared in Vogue (high-pitched squeal!). Check it.