Escher! Gesundheit.

10/06 2015

The unmistakable Drawing Hands of M.C. Escher have “instant recognition” wrapped around their flawlessly shaded fingers. For an artist whose name may escape mass memory, this legendary lithograph showcases all the best of Escher: his mind-blowing attention to hand drawn detail, his groundbreaking ideas of infinity, and his unique artistic vision. For those familiar with Escher, the image reignites respect and excitement for his work. For others, it bears a sense of intrigue that The Dalí is more than happy to satisfy.


The Urban Canvas crew did a killer job bringing this exhibition campaign to life, and I was only too happy to help with the creative concepting and copywriting. See my headline? “Get drawn in to M.C. Escher.” ‘Cause he draws. Get it? I’m funny, I promise.

Even if you’re not laughing, definitely don’t miss Escher at The Dalí, now through January 3, 2016. It’s awesome.