Maximize Your Minimalist Wardrobe.

03/25 2021

The Kickstarter campaign I worked on for OROS’s hottest new sub-zero outerwear is now live, and it has already surpassed its goal 20 times over (!) with a full 21 days to go. Mind: blown. Pieces: everywhere.

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The OROS Gemini: The 3-in-1 outerwear designed to maximize the minimalist’s wardrobe

In a complex world, we crave simplicity. So, when one piece of outerwear does it all, it’s all you ever need. Introducing the OROS Gemini, the world’s most advanced modular jacket and OROS’s first innovation to unite two garments in one for superstellar adaptability on all your earthly adventures.

First, you get a minimalist performance vest infused with the outer-space-worthy warmth of the brand’s signature SOLARCORE® insulation. Then, you score a light-packing waterproof shell to face the elements head-on, and do it with style. That’s two refined pieces with three ways to wear.

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What I Got to Do

The Gemini is perfectly balanced duality in design. It’s where function meets aesthetics, targeted warmth meets all-weather defense and your ambitions meet reality. It embraces the concept of maximized minimalism and frees you to experience more with less — stripping away the frills so there’s nothing left but the essentials: performance, protection and style. I was honored to work on the launch copy and strategic messaging that’s being used on Kickstarter, social media, launch video and emails. Previously, I wrote the brand’s new website and some other fun stuff too.

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Good question. On its mission to revolutionize the way the world wears warmth, OROS looked to the cosmos and the lightest, most insulating material ever developed in a NASA lab. Then, they made it even better.

NASA’s nearly weightless aerogel technology is the heart of OROS’s SOLARCORE® insulation: comfortable, wearable warmth tough enough to withstand the most punishing conditions on the planet. It’s impossibly light and efficient, yet powerful enough to keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures.

Want one? Or two? Thought you might.

Head over to the Kickstarter campaign before it closes on April 19, 2021 to get in on the Gemini ground floor. Kickstarter is the only place you get get the limited-edition NASA version of the Gemini jacket, so if you’re a space fan, gravitate on over there. Like, now.

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