Rock On, Bioluminescence.

01/19 2018

If there’s one thing I know for sure about the world of living light, it’s that it rocks. Hard. From radiant jellyfish dropping mad beats of visual brilliance to swarms of fireflies flickering in a song of sparkle, Creatures of Light swim, fly, crawl, slither, grow and glow in a symphony of natural rhythm. This rare talent has never been found among flowering plants, reptiles, amphibians or mammals, so it’s not always easy to score a ticket to a live show. But from February 23–June 10, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will host a magical exhibit that unites the lights from around the world and unequivocally proves why these instrumental creatures shine like rock stars.

I had a blast riffing ideas for this glowing exhibition with the musically and aesthetically gifted design team at Urban Canvas. We paired song lyric headlines with a neon-esque visual style to create a promotional drumroll announcing what’s to come. Then the tagline Glow Toward the Light ignites a playful call to action to catch this mysterious light before it goes out (of town).