Second Chances In 2023.

02/03 2023

When Mother Nature makes fruit that isn’t picture-perfect, Made In Nature® knows it’s still just as good on the inside. My snack-hacking client’s new line of premium upcycled dried fruit helps reduce food waste by giving all those perfectly imperfect pieces a whole new life. Lucky me, I got to give this exciting new product line its name. Introducing: Second Chances™. Because everyone deserves a second chance. Even that person who did that annoying thing to you that one time.

What’s Upcycling?

Less-than-perfect ingredients can still make perfect snacks. Instead of discarding fruits with purely superficial flaws (too big, too small, not the right color, misshapen), Made In Nature re-ups their value by bagging these organic pieces into Second Chances™ singles.

Promotional Headlines

In addition to naming, I had the opportunity to pen some tasty headlines to tell fruit fans everywhere what’s up with upcycling. Here’s a sample for your reading pleasure…

First-quality ingredients. Second-chance snacking.

Eat up. Snack upcycled.

Crave them to pieces.

Too “wrong” to use? Yeah right.

They’re not ugly. They’re just different.

Sometimes leftovers are the best part.

We’re not being extra. We’re using our extras. Big difference.

Lopsided pieces and imperfect cuts. That’s not waste. That’s just good taste.

When a piece of our fruit doesn’t make the first cut, we cut it up. It’s called upcycling.

We hate waste. But we love pineapple. So, this totally worked out.

Every snack deserves a second chance.

A banana is still a banana, even if it’s not the first to be picked.

Life on the up-and-upcycle