10/04 2018

Spirit, resilience and pride are some of Cuba’s most valuable natural resources. It’s an island that’s seen some things…a nation with hard-earned character and grit. The storied walls and boulevards share the wear of respected elders’ faces and prove why this is a place worth wandering. You may come to ¡Cuba!: The Exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science thinking of politics, but you’ll leave thinking of passion: a kaleidoscope of unique species, landscapes, communities and traditions that call Cuba home. So don’t just say it, shout it: ¡Viva Cuba! Long live this vibrant island nation and the deep-rooted rhythm that makes it unlike anywhere else on earth.

I had the opportunity to create this beautifully bright and colorful advertising campaign for the latest traveling exhibit to hit DMNS alongside my friends at Urban Canvas. The concept is designed to blend the Denver Cuban-American community’s desire for an authentic representation of their home country with the lighter energy and content of the exhibit. ¡Cuba! opens October 26, so come discover the culture, creatures, landscapes, locals and more vibrant life than you can imagine.