We Wake in the Worlds They Dreamed.

01/22 2016

Daydreaming is just part of the job when you’re Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney. What some consider wasted time, these two men built into empires of artistic expression. They began worlds apart—one along the rocky coastlines of Spain and the other among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood—but they both dreamed under the same sky. Once united, their enduring friendship told a tale of collaboration and unclouded creativity. And now we sleep and wake in their dream-like world, where fantasy lands become familiar realities.

It was an absolute daydream to help the Urban Canvas crew create this campaign for The Dalí Museum‘s latest visiting exhibition, Disney & Dalí: Architects of the Imagination. The winning sky-inspired concept keeps its head in the clouds and its feet on the ground by illustrating what it really means to daringly dream. The campaign is wistful, hypnotic and walks the line between “believable” and “make-believe” via print, outdoor, radio, TV, collateral and merchandise.