Get a Clue, Or a Few…

08/01 2018

Do you dare? Do not beware. There are puzzles here and there.
Look to your brain, not what it lacks, and seek the secret code to crack.
Come to our door and you will meet a wacky gent named Mr. E.
Then come inside, enjoy the ride, and bring your master mind alive!

If you have kiddos (or just a grown-up obsession with puzzles), you don’t want to miss Mindbender Mansion at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Inside these doors, the whole family is invited to unleash their intellects on a dizzying display of brainteasers, mysteries and group activities.

From technology, science, arts and math, every answer lays the path…
to a coveted space for you and me in the Mindbender Society.

I got to dust off my rhyming shoes to create this cockamame campaign with a sort of brain-busters-meets-the-Mad-Hatter thing going on, and as per usual, Urban Canvas crushed it on the designs and custom illustration work. I even tried my own hand at the puzzles this past weekend when I visited Mindbender Mansion as well as Dead Sea Scrolls, which has sold out practically every day since opening. I like to think our campaign had a little something to do with that, but maaaaaybe it was the fact that they’re some of the rarest and most significant archaeological finds ever discovered on earth. Maybe.