A Little Taste of Pop Culture.

08/07 2016

The rumors are true. Something big is sweeping the nation, and it’s turning heads, opening mouths and making headlines faster than you can say “pop.”

So what is this buzz-worthy snack lingering on everyone’s lips? Made In Nature FiggyPops, that’s what. These unignorable, must-have supersnacks are the stuff of pure celebrity. They’re all the rage: real food and real energy for real life. No wonder all the cool kids are talking about them, and now you’re in on it too.

I teamed up with Urban Canvas to produce a sexy sales kit for FiggyPops, and the result puts a whole new POP in pop culture. From campaign concepting and copywriting to some sweet swag ideas (the kit includes sunglasses, a round “pop style” lip balm, a campaign tee and of course, plenty of FiggyPops), these poppable supersnacks have never looked hotter.