Surreal Snapshots.

08/07 2016

Ever heard of iconic photographer Horst P. Horst? Well, if you haven’t, either you’ve been living under a rock (unlikely) or you just haven’t been to The Dalí Museum lately (just plain sad). Horst is one of the most legendary photographers of our time, and right now 180 of his double-take-worthy works are soaking up the spotlight at the Museum’s latest special exhibition.


I got to help out on some of the advertising with Urban Canvas (image above and text below):

A look through the lens of iconic photographer Horst P. Horst exposes a world of artful fashion, sinewy shadows and dramatic atmospheric design. Indulge your inspiration in 180 original works at Horst: Photographs – Fashion and Surrealism.

Find out more and get your fix of Horst portraits, still lifes, films and more now through September 6, 2016: