We Won Stuff for This One.

03/29 2018

Double-takes, deep thought and undiluted disruption. These are the chronic symptoms of exposure to the surreal and conceptual makings of Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp. These anarchists of artistic expression redefined art by forcing the world to view it through a non-retinal lens. They went off the wall and outside of the lines, illuminating beauty in the ordinary, ugly and obscene. They challenged assumptions and adored disorder. They took a theoretical red pen to the limits of tradition and wrote their own rules one sculpture, painting and urinal at a time. It’s art because they said it was art. And if you don’t like it, piss off.

This newly award-winning (what whaaaaaaat?!) campaign that I wrote and concepted with Urban Canvas warps words in the same way that Dalí and Duchamp changed the face of art: creating new ideas by any means necessary. We took conventional headlines and altered them to say the exact opposite—making it look like someone had come and tagged the billboard to change its message. If you remember my blog about The Fifty (where we scored the award), I promised a follow-up and this is it.

As we speak, The Dalí Museum’s Duchamp exhibit is attracting a both crowds and conversation thanks to this standout campaign. Also, probably the fact that the main image is a urinal, but we’ll take the credit where we can.