Just a Few Newbies…

I have so much cooking at the moment that I couldn’t help but make this blog a threebie. Here’s what’s happening lately at EBB Copywriting + Creative.

1. Denver Museum of Nature and Science Extreme Sports Exhibit
What is an extreme sport if not an exercise in play? As adults, we learn how important it is to hold onto our sense of childlike wonder, and Extreme Sports tells the stories of extreme athletes who have done exactly that. I tapped into my own inner wild child to help Urban Canvas concept and write this campaign for DMNS‘s newest exhibit that opened just yesterday (through April 12, 2020).

2. Made In Nature Variety Promo
Asking Made In Nature to choose between their organic Supersnacks is like asking a parent to pick their favorite kid (though secretly they might like one better than the others, they’d never admit it). I teamed up with Urban Canvas once again to create this social and email promotion enticing customers to try everything this righteous snack brand has to offer. Use code VARIETY on the site to save 25% on EVERYTHING until midnight tonight.

3. Boulder Country Day School 2019 Gala Invitation
Boulder Country Day School…or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? On October 19, they’ll be one and the same. I love helping BCD bring their awesomely over-the-top gala themes to life with language, and this year’s invitation really takes the cake (or bag of Every Flavour Beans). I mean, who wouldn’t want to transform “Dress Code” into “Uniforms Required” or request meal preferences with the line “Upon which beast will you feast?”

Define “Rich”.

Elevations Credit Union isn’t your average bank. As a local not-for-profit financial institution founded in and for the Colorado community, its goal can be summed up in a single word: prosperity. But not just individual prosperity. Shared prosperity. Elevations believes that when one person prospers, everyone around them does too. It’s like a kick-butt butterfly effect of flourishing finances for all.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with this amazing organization on and off for about a decade, and was recently asked to integrate their new Prosperus Together positioning into web copy, collateral and a whole slew of other communications.

Keep an eye on elevationscu.com as the new messaging rolls out over the next few months. And scroll down to the blue box on this page (seen below) to download the full Community Prosperity Report, a piece in which I was also happy to lend a helping hand. Because you know what they say: when you bank local, your money stays local, and I can’t think of anywhere better for it to be.

Don’t Just Eat. Win.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or Rocky Mountain), you probably know that we have a little football team here called The Denver Broncos. Some of the biggest names in the game have played for and passed through this franchise, including John Elway, Peyton Manning and the tank of a man known as Mark “Stink” Schlereth. These days, you can hear Mark sportscasting on ESPN radio and TV, but what you may not know about him is that he has a serious thing for green chili.

A few years ago, Mark’s landscaper buddy David Bloom had a pretty righteous chili recipe that he oh-so-generously shared with the Stink. Mark fell for it. Hard. And then, badda-bing, badda-boom, the Stinkin’ Good Chili brand was born — a partnership between this NFL superstar and his friend with a ‘green-chili thumb’. (Good one, Erin.)

Last year, alongside Alicia Potter of Faven Creative, I had the chance to give this growing brand the professional creative treatment it so needed and deserved. We worked up a range of strategic brand directions from which we landed in a place of sport, achievement and victory: Don’t Just Eat. Win. This spicy phrase is now Stinkin’ Good’s tagline and their game plan for the future as they go into queso and other categories beyond the four green chilis that I helped launch.

(Click to enlarge tub image above and read copy.)

Keep your eyes peeled for the touchdown-worthy logo and visual branding that Alicia designed (all packaging and promo copy by yours truly, including flavor names like “The Cluck” and “This Little Piggy”), and head to stinkingoodchili.com to see which stores in your area are stinking up their shelves with the good stuff. Hearty Garden is my personal fave, but you’ll have to try them all to make up your own mind. Oh! And don’t forget to ‘bring the stink’ to your next tailgate party, get-together or picnic. Every bite will have the whole crowd cheering…like for the Broncos…at the Super Bowl.

These football analogies doing anything for you?

Ok fine. But buy some chili anyway.

Making Moments at BCD.

Our new “moments” advertising campaign for Boulder Country Day School is up and running, and these snapshot-driven vignettes are definitely doing their duty to illuminate the joyful world that is BCD. Inspired by the passion and life that flows through the hallways and classrooms of this extraordinary school, the campaign is designed to capture meaningful moments when students and teachers have discovered their own unique excellence.

Keep an eye out for the ads in publications around the Boulder area, and if you’re interested in learning more, let me know. I have a pretty legit ‘in’ with the admissions director (cough, Susan, cough).













And from sweet school days to schweeeeet fall nights, the 2018 BCD Gala is coming up a week from today. I had, like, a totally tubular time writing the invitation, video intro script and other bitchin’ collateral for this righteously 80s-themed evening. It’s a happen’n throwback to 1988 in celebration of the school’s 30th anniversary, and I can’t wait to headbang my way to a major migraine the morning after. Like, so sure.















Thanks to Susan, Julie, Diana and John for your continued trust and partnership as we give America the 411 on BCD. You guys are so boss.

Self. Driving. Cadillacs.

Absolute positioning for self-driving vehicles. Is that level of precision even possible?

Trimble RTX is the single best performing precise point positioning correction technology on the market, and absolute positioning is just their starting line. Think absolute accuracy down to 2.5 centimeters. Absolute quality and coverage at the right cost. Absolute trust and reliability from the definitive leader in GNSS technology that’s been driving tractors from space for years. And maybe most importantly, absolute peace of mind for drivers on the open road.

It was a pleasure—as always—creating this print ad with Urban Canvas on behalf of our friends at Trimble. Headlines and the crisp center line draw readers in with the idea of absolution, and then the car and copy surprise them with the fact that Trimble RTX is the Cadillac of autonomous driving technology (and the only technology trusted by Cadillac).

With Trimble RTX “behind the wheel,” suddenly self-driving cars don’t seem so scary. Other drivers with texting addictions…now that’s another story.

The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far from the Family Tree.

Some say you don’t get to pick your family, but Dole thinks that’s bananas. For more than eight generations, Dole has carefully chosen who and what they want in their growing brood. From finding the finest, most mouthwatering fruits to supporting the caring families who harvest them, Dole Organics is now here to help you nourish, flourish and always feel like family.

It was my pleasure to pitch in on several elements of this exciting launch into organics. First, I was invited to help SRG develop Dole’s vision for their new line of products. Next, I got to write packaging copy for the frozen fruit and fruit cups. And last, I worked on a few sales materials to help get the word out. Clearly, this project was nothing short of fruitful, and I can’t thank Sterling-Rice Group enough for making me part of the team. They crushed the brand work and design, and it’s always an honor to work with such talented, passionate people.

Frozen fruit back-of-pack sample copy:

Our family tradition is simple: bring the freshest, juiciest organic fruit from our farms to your home. For over four generations, Dole has supported the families who grow and harvest our sweet, sun-ripened fruit so that you can nourish your family with the best nature has to offer.

In the Presence of the Past

From a young Bedouin in an ancient cave to the worldwide waves created by what he found there, the Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the single most important discoveries of modern history. These illuminating documents and the artifacts of their time give us a priceless peek into ages past. They teach, transform and unite us by revealing our common ties and linking one generation to another. And now, the rich history of the Middle East will grace the American Southwest as these holy scrolls make their once-in-many-lifetimes debut at a mile high. They are prized archeological finds. They are priceless international gems. They are, in a word, treasures.

Introducing yet another exquisitely designed campaign for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in collaboration with my friends at Urban Canvas. This “Unburied Treasure” concept promotes the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition with visual hints of an ancient world brought to life and the beckoning invitation of a treasure map. Copy and concept by yours truly.

The historic Dead Sea Scrolls will only grace the Denver stage for 172 days and will most likely never return. That’s 172 days to walk among more than 500 precious Israeli antiquities and not a single reproduction. 172 days to rest your hand on a 3-ton piece of the Western Wall and write a message to send back to the Holy City. 172 days to see the 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls that are so rarely displayed, so seldom moved from Jerusalem and so sensitive to light that a new set will be rotated in halfway through the exhibit.

Clearly, this will be an experience of biblical proportions (pun intended), so don’t miss it March 16–September 3, 2018.

If These Walls Could Talk…

They’d say, “We’re gonna make you rich.”

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that writing an investment deck for drywall was one of the weirder projects I’ve worked on lately. It also wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was one of my favorites. And while I can’t show you all the financials and tech specs because that shiz is all kinds of confidential, the following few pages should help set the scene for what became one hell of a convincing presentation.

The design-minded prodigies at Reed Hill were kind enough to bring me on to help craft a story that would not only inform investors, but make them lust for the opportunity to give all of their money to the category-shattering drywall innovators at Ashtech. I don’t have latest gossip, but I did hear through the grapevine that this presentation helped garner a boatload lot of investment offers, including one for the full many-many-many-million dollar ask. So, yeah. I think we kinda crushed it.

I had a grand ole time learning the ins and outs of this deeply patented new technology, organizing the content and writing about it in a way that regular humans (specifically wealthy ones) could understand. Then I kicked up the copy energy about 10,000 notches, and Reed Hill put together a deliciously bold design that broke pretty much every rule of traditional investment asks.

Thanks to Paul Reed for letting me a part of this, and to the fellas at Ashtech for being so patient in explaining how your science and stuff is going to change the world of walls (and ceilings!) as we know it. If I had the cash, I would have invested in it myself. Not to mention you made my day when you said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word ‘blasphemy’ in a drywall presentation. It’s strange. I like it.”

Hot (Sexy?) Potato

Who knew the humble potato could have so much moxie? Well, the creative team at Sterling-Rice Group had a hunch, and now it’s no surprise they’re currently crushing it in the produce aisle with their “9th Wonder of the World” campaign for Potatoes U.S.A.

Fun times commenced when I got called in to work on this print ad for Whole Foods Market’s in-store retail magazine. The seductive photography and playful copy tempt and tease busy shoppers before enticing them to toss some taters in their cart. The ad will run throughout this holiday season, so keep your eyes (and potatoes) peeled. Actually, not the potatoes for this particular feature recipe, but I couldn’t pass up some adorable wordplay.

Click image to enlarge body copy.

So Long, Old School.

It’s been ‘Transformation Central’ over at Boulder Country Day School since we reinvented the brand with a more modern look and feel a couple of years back. BCD is a place where timeless traditions meet real-time progress and where everlasting growth, community and possibilities thrive. It’s where students live to learn and rise to shine each day—ready to approach new opportunities with a fundamental sense of balance.

BCD understands the importance of planning and holding itself accountable for the promises that it makes. That’s why we decided that the updated strategic plan would become the BCD Strategic Action Plan. By staying true to our roots and also actively leading forward, BCD can stand the test of time—becoming a forever school destined to inspire and educate generations to come. Here’s a look at the old (left) and updated (right) designs:

And just for funsies, check out this charming international invitation I got to write for this year’s BCD Gala. The theme: Around the World in 80 Days. The design: so perfect it’s painful. Great work, Rachael Harp. (Click to enlarge images)



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