Get Grilled.

06/12 2017

It’s officially grilling season, folks—a time that’s near and dear to my little copywriter heart thanks to nearly two years working on the one and only Weber Grills.

During my time as associate creative director at Denver agency rabble+rouser, I had a blast working on commercials, digital campaigns, websites, print ads and pretty much every thing the world’s premier grill company needs to be seen. And as the scorching temps of summer light the live-fire cooker in all of us, I thought it time to break out my copy of Time To Grill, one of Weber’s many outstanding tomes of grilling alchemy. I scored a copywriter credit on this one for writing a bunch of the intros and infographics, and I’d be lying if I said that I don’t casually mention it every time I’m in a bookstore with new friends: “Oh sure…I helped write a book once. Here, I’ll show you.” It usually scores me at least a knowing nod, if not the title of Grill Madam at the next BBQ.

Happy grilling to all, and to all a good Monday.