Define “Rich”.

Elevations Credit Union isn’t your average bank. As a local not-for-profit financial institution founded in and for the Colorado community, its goal can be summed up in a single word: prosperity. But not just individual prosperity. Shared prosperity. Elevations believes that when one person prospers, everyone around them does too. It’s like a kick-butt butterfly effect of flourishing finances for all.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with this amazing organization on and off for about a decade, and was recently asked to integrate their new Prosperus Together positioning into web copy, collateral and a whole slew of other communications.

Keep an eye on as the new messaging rolls out over the next few months. And scroll down to the blue box on this page (seen below) to download the full Community Prosperity Report, a piece in which I was also happy to lend a helping hand. Because you know what they say: when you bank local, your money stays local, and I can’t think of anywhere better for it to be.

Beforeplay Got Some Play… is one of the projects that I can’t help but cherish. Eckhh…cherish is kind of a weird word, isn’t it? Right up there with mollycoddle. And tender. And moist. Man, I’m realizing I have some real issues with soft, comforting words. Maybe I need to unpack that with a mental health professional at some point…

Regardless though, if I could have written for for a decade, I would have. I was lucky enough to be hired by Vermilion to write this sex- and sexuality-positive website and advertising campaign when it first launched in 2012, and it’s still making an impact more than seven years later. Just yesterday, Rachel Maddow gave mad props to our work when speaking to John Hickenlooper about Beforeplay and his campaign to provide affordable long-acting reversible contraception (IUDs and implants) to Colorado women. The program has reduced unintended teen pregnancies by 54% and teen abortions by 64% across the state. #BOOM











Check out the full video clip below, and in the meantime, I’ll humble-pride in the fact that I had even a small part in making sure all women have access to reliable reproductive healthcare. The future be female, folks. Let’s rock.

Get in on Getaround.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the sharing economy. I love the idea of a world that produces less stuff and creates more connections by following a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: share. Or in my case: “Damnit, Erin! Share with your sister!” With my now-matured love of the ol’ give-and-take, you can probably imagine my glee at the opportunity to write a series of email campaigns for Getaround, a peer-to-peer car-sharing service based in San Francisco and driving its way across the U.S.

Not only does Getaround make it super easy to rent a ride right in your own ‘hood (you unlock your rental on-demand from an app on your phone), but it also helps car owners earn extra cash on their wheels that are just taking up space parked somewhere.

Check out Getaround on their website or download the app to start car-sharing today. It’s perfect for everything from weekend getaways (fit your whole crew in a Jeep or SUV), commutes (sensible sedans aplenty), moving (pick-up trucks you don’t have to beg your friend to borrow), running errands (in a convertible…to look cool when you go pick up your prescriptions), or just going for a joyride (Tesla, anyone?). Thanks to the Getaround team for letting me write for your rad brand, and to designer Chad Morgan for bringing me onboard. Can’t wait to put the pedal to the metal on many more campaigns to come.

Lease a Boulder Legend.

Downtown Boulder is no stranger to change, but this radical renovation is history in the making. I’m talking about the property — nay, the legend — at the corner of 11th and Walnut, former home to the iconic Walrus Saloon. As part of a massive overhaul that updated the now-four-story structure into a marvel of modern convenience, the hundred-year-old brick exterior has been preserved as an homage to the past. The building, now called 19eleven, is 100% legit grit with a modern twist: raw exposed brick walls…wood beams and steel bolts that scream with storied past and successful futures…bright, versatile spaces for startups, retail or co-working…the whole kit, kaboodle and a penthouse cherry on top. (Sorry kids, that floor’s already taken.)

My clients at Market Real Estate are now leasing the few spaces left on the gorgeous lower three floors, and we made a kickass website to promote the potential within. The site beautifully showcases what makes this building so different than much of Boulder’s hottest commercial real estate: it’s not a shiny white box. So, if you want perfectly polished walls or a contemporary all-glass building so shiny that birds fly into it and fall to their deaths, look elsewhere. Buuuuuut if you like a little history with your workplace, check out the property site and contact Market ASAP. It’s the kind of gem you just don’t find ’round these parts. Brooklyn maybe. But not Boulder.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I would for sure set up EBB Copywriting HQ at 19eleven if I could afford the ultra-premium price tag. But hey, at least I can visit during construction and ruin my hairdo with a hardhat.


A few sample headlines from the website and building promo materials:





Five Senses Is Just the Start.

When it comes to our senses, hasn’t the number five had enough time in the spotlight? Sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell get all the attention, but what about the unsung sensorial heroes? From balance and breathlessness to correction and temperature, there are so many other senses we rely on every day.

Our Senses: Creating Your Reality brings them all together—inner and outer tools of detection and perception—into a hands-on (and nose-on, and eyes-on, and feels-on) exhibit for the whole family. The Denver Museum of Nature and Science wants everyone to make sense of their many senses, and you may be surprised at how much influence they have over how you experience the world.

I had all the feels (apparently I’m SUPER sensitive) working on this campaign with my buddies at Urban Canvas. The concept prompts viewers to question what they think they know and expand their “senses” definition outside the usual five.

Our Senses: Creating Your Reality opens in just a couple of weeks on April 12 and runs through August 4, so get it on the calendar and bring the whole family. The sight room reveals a visual explosion of ocular discovery. The balance room engulfs you in walls so wickedly wavy that you won’t know which way is up. The correction room blows your mind with the science behind why it deosn’t mttaer waht oredr the ltteers are in a wrod for you to be albe to raed it. So yeah. You don’t want to miss this one.

In the Mood to Go Nude?

It’s here! It’s here! The new TrueTones collection from Pact has officially dropped and awaits your order on

You see, throwing shade has never been Pact’s style. But complimenting (and complementing) your true shade? They’re all over it. Pact is about all about positivity, and I’m 100% positive you’re going to love these intimates sets made with 100% organic cotton and tinted with individuality. Shop six cuts of under-there underwear and a wear-anywhere padded bra in four shades that are barely there, yet boldly you.

Get your own TrueTones set (or three) right here. Collection naming and copywriting by me. Awesome photos and design by the in-house Pact creative team.

(Images from and @wearpact on Instagram)

Trimble: In. Shackles: Off. Power: On.

Trimble’s unparalleled GNSS precision technology runs the gamut of industry applications—from agriculture and construction to driving schools, mines, marine ports and UAVs. Their receivers offer full triple-frequency support of all satellite constellations, so they work wherever positioning technology plays. Not to mention their accuracy is among the highest on the market, and they’re the only brand that puts everything you need at your fingertips for a flexible, hardworking setup without any gaps. That’s a whole lot of tech to fit on one tiny board, but fortunately, Trimble’s are robust enough to support infinity.

See? I can write all smart-like if I put my mind to it.

I had the honor of plugging in to all the right places to work on this Trimble Integrated Technologies advertising campaign with Urban Canvas, and I think the results speak for themselves. If you disagree, read the copy. That’ll explain it. Click ad above to enlarge, and refresh to reanimate banner below.

Welcome to Surreality.

With brilliance so blinding, it can be hard to hold the gaze of Salvador Dalí and René Magritte’s oracular works for more than a few minutes. But the longer you stare, the farther you fall into the depths of the subconscious. Like an impossible portal opening up to a blue sky abyss punctuated by pearly clouds, Magritte and Dalí will set your imagination free to accept impossibility and explore the immersive artistic dialogue shared by the two most recognized Surrealists of our era. What you think you see does not exist beyond the anti-existential environments they created. So, enter with your eyes and mind wide open—and for the love of avant-garde, try not to blink.

The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida has done it again—this time, welcoming the works of fellow surrealist René Magritte as its latest temporary exhibition. With bowler hats, apples and a pipe (not really…smoking’s gross) to fuel our creativity, I created this advertising campaign with the design masters at Urban Canvas. The concept uses “Magrittian” themes and Dalí himself to eliminate the expected and create a striking, suggestive call to action for exhibition visitors.

In the Florida area? Don’t miss the exhibit, along with The Dalí’s extensive permanent collection. It’s definitely worth the trip, and Magritte & Dalí runs now through May 19.

Veggies Like WHOA.

Crunch now, or forever hold your carrots and hummus because never have you ever snacked veggies like this. Made In Nature’s new crazy crunchy, madly munchy Veggie Pops are debatably the best healthy snack you can get your hungry hands on, and now they’ve officially been unleashed into the wild.

Made In Nature Veggie Pops are zesty, oven-crisped snack bites made with nothing but whole foods like kale, carrots, chickpeas, broccoli, almonds and spices. They’re not puffed, faked or fried and come in three organically snacky flavors you won’t believe are 100% plant-based and dairy-free with names like ‘Sour Cream’ & Onion, Broccoli Chedda and Salt & Pepper.

I had the pleasure to creative direct and write this explosive campaign-slash-sampling-program for the Veggie Pops product launch, and the freebies are going fast. Like, too fast. Like, we’ve been hitting our daily limit in mere minutes, so our ads must be working…











Feeling the hunger? Enter the giveaway, buy them straight-up at or head to a local retailer to get your veggie fix in awesomely snackable fashion. Sorry, baby carrots. You’re cute, but 7g of plant-based protein, 4g of fiber and boldly savory flavors baked into bite-sized balls are even cuter.

ADDENDUM: Guys! Hey, guys! We were on the Today Show, guys!


Spirit, resilience and pride are some of Cuba’s most valuable natural resources. It’s an island that’s seen some things…a nation with hard-earned character and grit. The storied walls and boulevards share the wear of respected elders’ faces and prove why this is a place worth wandering. You may come to ¡Cuba!: The Exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science thinking of politics, but you’ll leave thinking of passion: a kaleidoscope of unique species, landscapes, communities and traditions that call Cuba home. So don’t just say it, shout it: ¡Viva Cuba! Long live this vibrant island nation and the deep-rooted rhythm that makes it unlike anywhere else on earth.

I had the opportunity to create this beautifully bright and colorful advertising campaign for the latest traveling exhibit to hit DMNS alongside my friends at Urban Canvas. The concept is designed to blend the Denver Cuban-American community’s desire for an authentic representation of their home country with the lighter energy and content of the exhibit. ¡Cuba! opens October 26, so come discover the culture, creatures, landscapes, locals and more vibrant life than you can imagine.

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