Cause an Effect at IHS Markit.

04/10 2018

There are those who passively accept effects, and there are those who actively cause them. IHS Markit is in search of the latter: unstoppable minds inspired to achieve the unexpected.

This growing organization lives and works in a world unbound by limits and geographic borders, which means everything an employee does has the potential to create a global, game-changing reaction. From one small mission to the mighty ripples that it creates, a career with IHS Markit has the power to make intelligence move.

The talent acquisition experts at Bayard Advertising were kind enough to bring me along for this data-driven ride as we redefined IHS Markit’s employment campaign. We had daring ideas and futuristic ones. We had concepts around storytelling, sparks and round-the-clock impact. In the end, the client chose ‘Cause an Effect,’ a message of employee empowerment and what I think is a pretty clever play on ‘Cause and Effect.’ I got to help develop all the overall concepts and top-line copy, and the Bayard team made our beautiful baby into a full-fledged and fully grown campaign, which you can see live on IHS Markit’s careers page. And in their recruiting materials. And on posters and stuff.

Data scientists, you might want to pay attention.