Japan In Haikus.

It’s my first day back at the ol’ laptop after two exhilarating-slash-exhausting weeks wanderlusting my way through Japan. It seems only appropriate to share the highlights via haiku, so in true Japanese fashion, get ready to count some syllables and away…we…go…

Mount Fuji summit
Climb all night for sunrise time
Breath taken, mind blown

Organized chaos
Screaming neon of Tokyo
Sea of flowing lives

Aisle of bamboo
A forest humming with height
Peace and crickets chirp

Walk the torii gates
Fushimi Inari Shrine
Thousands of steps blessed

Nara’s wild deer
Nipping my legs to be fed
Every welt: worth it

Pulsing Osaka
Back and forth in time we go
My heart is still there

Big thanks to all of my clients for putting up with me while I peaced out on this adventure. It’s good to be back tickling the iMac ivories, so hit me up and let’s get to work.

The Wild, Wild Expo West

My first — and let’s face it, probably last — excursion to the famed Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim did not disappoint. My feet are killing me. I have a raging headache. And I loved every minute of it.

Here are few (okay, a bunch) of snaps from some of the very best booths. Though to be fair, I’m 100% biased because they’re all my clients with big launches this year. But hey, this is MY blog, so if you have a problem with it, take it up with my assistant: me.

At the Bundle Organics booth showing off my tagline…on a damn PILLOW. #Winning

Celebrating the ribbon cutting of Bundle Organics with Co-Founder (and current Cosmo cover girl!) Miss Whitney Port.

Big smiles for Love Grown‘s new look and tagline. Haaawt new packaging coming to a grocery store near you this summer 😉

Loved seeing my awesome Wildmade clients crushing it with fruit roll sampling.

Did somebody say “pupusa”? Oh wait…I think it was me. Hooray for Tres!

A lot of work went into this 1989 throwback booth for my longtime love and client Made In Nature. Congrats on 30 years of hacking the rules of organic.

Pretty proud of this headline. I’m not gonna lie. Next time you’re at the grocery store, remember to stock up on Made In Nature Veggie Pops and Figgy Pops: bite-sized balls of real-food bliss.

Photo-boothing it up at Made In Nature with design partner extraordinaire Jessie. Thanks for walking the halls with me, girl.

Just saying “Rice to meet you” to my Grain Trust clients who I never met in person until now. Weird, but true.

Three Bears Oats were representing our line of bars, oat cups and squeezy pouches — all free from the top 8 food allergens. You listening, moms?

My Truly Grass Fed clients are in the house all the way from Ireland. So happy to see the butter and cheeses launching in stores nationwide. Happy cows, happy mouths.

You wouldn’t believe how many Boulder– and Colorado-based brands were at Expo, including a huge booth representing Boulder Brands. In the past, I’ve had the honor of working on Gardein, Glutino and Earth Balance.

Oh…and did I mention I met Guy Fieri? (Bet you’re pretty glad you made it all the way to the bottom of this blog, right?! Talk about a payoff.)

V-Day, Take 8.

Happiest of happy Valentine’s Days to you, your friends, your family, your pets, your neighbors, your co-workers, your casual acquaintances, your Uber driver, your Target checkout guy, your mail lady, your significant other, and that dude you saw last week who you thought you knew and you yelled, “Hey Dave!” and it totally wasn’t Dave.

I seriously can’t believe that this is the eighth year I’ve sent valentines to my clients and colleagues to hustle my way above the holiday fray. It seems like just yesterday I was hand-printing 18 cards to hand out to my first freelance contacts, and this year the list has grown to more than 400 people. This annual project is truly a labor of love, but every minute spent it is 100% worth it. I couldn’t do what I do without your support, so I hope you feel every bit of the heartfelt greetings that I send your way.

I’m terribly fawned of each and every one of you, and I hope your Valentine’s Day and 2019 are full of creativity, happiness and plenty of hugs that are juuuuuuuust long enough to not get weird.

Back In Action.

Daaaaaang, Europe. You sure are cool. I want to thank you for having me the last couple of weeks while I recharged my mind with a loaded-like-a-baked-potato tour of four countries. Below is a snapshot of me from the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, as well as my favorite copy lines that I heard or saw in each destination. Thanks to all my clients for your patience as I took this much-needed reprieve. Now I’m back at my keyboard and ready to rock, so let’s roll.

Paris: A ripped and ravaged poster on a fire hydrant that said ‘CREATIVES ARE THE NEW ATHLETES.’ Agreed.

Belgium: “Purgatory’s kind of like the in-betweeny one. You weren’t really sh*t, but you weren’t all that great either.” A quotation from the film In Bruges that we fittingly rewatched while—you guessed it—in Bruges.

Ireland: An advertisement for a burger and fries that claimed “You know you feckin’ want it.”

Amsterdam: “In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit.” The words of Anne Frank, who touched my heart more than I can describe as I walked the rooms of the legendary annex where she hid for two years listening to the bells of the Westerkerk toll.

Love Is in the Air.

Of all the blogs on all the websites in all the world…you had to click into mine.

As I mailed out my seventh and biggest shipment of annual company valentines yet, I have to admit that I got a little choked up. Maybe it was from the weight of the box (I really need to work on my upper body strength) or maybe it was just the overwhelming adoration I have for everyone on my list, but I was for real having all the feels at that post office.

From naming to packaging copy, startups to industry giants, globe-trotting email chains to intimate meetings over coffee, this past year has been one brimming with word love (and sometimes lust, if I’m being honest). I want to emphatically thank all of my remarkable clients, friends, family and supporters who make my job the job that people like to hear about at parties.

So here’s a big, fat Happy Valentine’s Day from EBB Copywriting + Creative. Whenever my life flashes before my eyes, I’m so glad I mostly see you.

Sunday Yumday

I don’t mean to brag, but after running a 3-minute PR on my latest half marathon this weekend, I kind of felt like I deserved a Chipotle burrito…with guac. So after I showered all the stank off from running in the sun for two hours (well, 1:53:40 to be exact), I headed out to gorge on a giant serving of sofritas. For those of you who don’t know, sofritas is the tofu option at Chipotle, which happens to be supplied by a brand I was thrilled to touch earlier this year: Hodo Soy.

As I sat down to politely-but-not-so-politely stuff my face, I noticed that my cup actually featured Hodo and its founder Minh Tsai as the burrito chain’s premier tofu supplier. Coincidence? I think not. Not only is the cup a great read, but it made me super proud to be connected to this plant-based brand of soy supremacy. “Hodo” means “good bean” in Chinese, and that’s an understatement if there ever was one. Go meatless the next time you’re at Chipotle to taste for yourself, and stay tuned for exciting new things to come from my work with Hodo.


But wait…the day got even better when I headed to Target for a sweet treat and saw a massive endcap for my client Veggie-Go’s. I had the pleasure of writing the new packaging and website when the brand went through a recent refresh, and its hot new look could not have been more magnetic in-store. High-five to everyone involved (the kind so solid it stings), and I can’t wait to continue working on these two nourishing, flourishing brands until I’m too old to chew. Maybe longer.

Get Grilled.

It’s officially grilling season, folks—a time that’s near and dear to my little copywriter heart thanks to nearly two years working on the one and only Weber Grills.

During my time as associate creative director at Denver agency rabble+rouser, I had a blast working on commercials, digital campaigns, websites, print ads and pretty much every thing the world’s premier grill company needs to be seen. And as the scorching temps of summer light the live-fire cooker in all of us, I thought it time to break out my copy of Time To Grill, one of Weber’s many outstanding tomes of grilling alchemy. I scored a copywriter credit on this one for writing a bunch of the intros and infographics, and I’d be lying if I said that I don’t casually mention it every time I’m in a bookstore with new friends: “Oh sure…I helped write a book once. Here, I’ll show you.” It usually scores me at least a knowing nod, if not the title of Grill Madam at the next BBQ.

Happy grilling to all, and to all a good Monday.

Raise Your Snack Esteem.

I was feeling pre-tty, pre-tty confident on a recent hike up Mount Sanitas. Why, you ask? First, because I went with the whole team from Urban Canvas after we presented some tasty new work to Made In Nature. And second, because this little copywriter was fueled with the finest nature has to offer. Made In Nature Supersnacks come in all shapes and sizes: dried fruit, Figgy Pops™, fruit and nut fusions, kale chips, a whole snack-load of other organic stuff, and my current favorite: PowPow Nuts. Launched at this year’s Expo West, PowPow Nuts are the next big thing in…well…nuts.

Here’s a little copy teaser…
When you’re single, being tied down is the last thing on your mind. You get to be free, go far and have all the fun you can stomach. Made In Nature single-serve PowPow Nuts are like your edible wingmen—there when you need them to boost your solo mojo with just the right amount of organic oomph. They’re mighty. They’re nutty. They’re wildly crunchy nut blends of almonds, cashews and hazelnuts coated in power seeds, quinoa and spices bold enough to make any single snacker swoon. Now they’re on the prowl for hungry mouths, and yours looks like the perfect match.

I’ll keep you posted on when they’ll be in stores, and big thank you to Made In Nature for the new workout tank: Train Hard. Snack Harder.

EBB on Elephant Talk.

I love my work. Pretty much every day I get to wake up and write about something new. From the latest snacks and skincare lines to surveying equipment and law firms on the fringe, there’s really nothing off limits here at EBB Copywriting. But no matter what brand I’m writing for, the goal is always the same: get people to fall head over heels for it. An experience. A food. A destination. A…whatever. It’s all about love.

When Elephant Talk asked to interview me for their podcast, I was a little confused. What does a podcast about sex and relationships want with a weirdo like me? I raised the question in not so many words, and they answered that they wanted to discuss how I translate love into language for the better of brands. I agreed instantly, and the second I set foot in that studio, I was singing like a damn canary.

Check out my episode (Episode 5: Turning on the Volume) right here, and read my guest blog “The Business of Selling Love” to go along with it. Big thanks to Andy and Lisa for having me on the show. Turns out, gabbing about my work on air is almost as much fun as doing it.

Sealed With a Kiss.

OK, for real though. How is Valentine’s Day already here again? Love be trippin’.

It seems like just yesterday I was sending out last year’s round of valentines to my awesomely adored clients, but what’s really shocking is how much has gone down since then. From food packaging and brand positioning to websites and taglines and naming (oh my!), 2016 was a wild one at EBB Copywriting, and I know it’s all thanks to you. My clients. My friends. My supporters. My everything.

Thank you for letting me play a part in your lives and brands, and here’s to a LOVEly year to come. xoxo

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