09/23 2011

You know when you learn a new word and then right after you learn it you start hearing it everywhere? Yeah. You do. And apparently I do, too. Because for the last 3 months or so I think I’ve heard the word “fledgling” used about 9.8 billion times.

I heard it first when a friend of mine used it in a blog post. I was able to generally ascertain its meaning after a quick double-take, but for some crazy reason, I guess I’d just never really seen/heard that word before. Shocking, you say? For a writer of my distinguished experience to not know such an integral part of the English language? Screw you, man. I can’t know EVERY word. Golly gee whiz.

Anyway, Merriam-Webster defines fledgling in both noun and adjective form. For one, it’s a young bird or a young and inexperienced person. Like me—in this particular instance—with a useful slice of vocab. And two, it describes something that is new: “A fledgling company.” Like my company, Erin Beth Bosik Copywriting LLC. Tell your friends. *wink*

So let that be your language lesson for the day. Maybe it taught you a new word. Or maybe it taught you nothing at all. But either way, I hope you read the whole thing. Both for entertainment purposes and to improve my website analytics.