Walking Billboard.

10/08 2012

If you (like me) have ever judged the depth of your success on your husband’s wardrobe, then you’d know everything is coming up Erin right now. Let’s break this photo down, shall we?

1) A t-shirt featuring one of the most award-winning campaigns of my career—Love Heals for Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, created during my time at Sterling-Rice Group.

2) A Tervis tumbler—a colorful and creative client I’ve had the pleasure to work with for several years now.

3) An Akavit logo framed in the tumbler—one of my all-time favorite agency partners.

4) I can’t be sure, but I like to think he’s exploring the Omaha Steaks, Immunize For Good or Weber Grill iPhone app I worked on while at rabble+rouser.

All in all, it’s a good day here at EBB Copywriting. A damn good day.