You know when you learn a new word and then right after you learn it you start hearing it everywhere? Yeah. You do. And apparently I do, too. Because for the last 3 months or so I think I’ve heard the word “fledgling” used about 9.8 billion times.

I heard it first when a friend of mine used it in a blog post. I was able to generally ascertain its meaning after a quick double-take, but for some crazy reason, I guess I’d just never really seen/heard that word before. Shocking, you say? For a writer of my distinguished experience to not know such an integral part of the English language? Screw you, man. I can’t know EVERY word. Golly gee whiz.

Anyway, Merriam-Webster defines fledgling in both noun and adjective form. For one, it’s a young bird or a young and inexperienced person. Like me—in this particular instance—with a useful slice of vocab. And two, it describes something that is new: “A fledgling company.” Like my company, Erin Beth Bosik Copywriting LLC. Tell your friends. *wink*

So let that be your language lesson for the day. Maybe it taught you a new word. Or maybe it taught you nothing at all. But either way, I hope you read the whole thing. Both for entertainment purposes and to improve my website analytics.

Live Faces On Facebook.

A meager week after Google launched its very own video-chat functionality called Google+, Facebook announced it would be integrating Skype into its growing list of services. Was it a copycat move? Well, contrary to popular belief, it actually wasn’t. The Facebook/Skype partnership was made months ago, and in the time since, Facebook has been focusing on building its user base to its current number: an astounding estimated 750 million users. But now the time has arrived to bring the Skype stepsister into play.

When news of Facebook’s video-chat debut crept into my view online, I experienced a pretty split opinion between excitement, and almost indifference. It’s been an expected addition to the social media giant’s repertoire, but it’s also yet another step toward our increasingly digital world.


I Swear I’m Not Dead.

Whew! It’s been almost 20 days since my last post, and that leaves me feeling awfully anxious. I’m sure those of you loyal followers (Dad, maybe?) are wondering where I’ve been. Well, fret not about my well being because I’ve been on—brace yourselves—vacation. That, and I was really busy getting ready for vacation before I left, hence the VERY long hiatus.

From Santa Fe to the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas to the canyons of Escalante, I had a great trip full of inspiring scenery and memorable good times. Now I’m refreshed and ready for the next challenge that comes my way, so stay tuned for what’s to come.

Rabble Rooks Creative Internship Program Launched.

The all-holy internship. They’re tough to get (true), stressful to apply for (truer) and for those hopefuls who can snag a good one, they’re where you first dip your toe into the sea of creative exploration. No, make that the ocean. No more kiddie pools and floaties—solid internship programs are the real deal.

I participated in several amazing creative internship programs back when I was in school, so I decided to launch one at my current company, rabble+rouser. Like a teaching hospital, I believe it’s our responsibility as agencies to provide opportunities for experiential learning. Dang…that sentence sounds really stiff. Re-do: Some of the most groundbreaking thinkers of this industry have yet to be discovered, so I want to ensure the best and the brightest get their shots at greatness. Better. So, after many long hours, hard work and a few chuckles (when I would crack myself up due to lack of sleep), ‘rabble rooks’ was born.


Twitter Fail.

I was reading some ad news the other day and came across an article discussing Chrysler’s decision to part ways with their social media agency after an employee dropped the f-bomb in a tweet from the car manufacturer’s account.

The infamous tweet read:
@ChryslerAutos “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to fucking drive.”

Hehe. They said “fuck.”

After I stopped giggling, the whole situation left me thinking about the progression of language in culture, and specifically in social media.


QR Codes: Careful on the Trigger.

As much as we may hate to believe it, or are ashamed to admit it, not everyone has an iPhone. And on top of that (early adopters and techies, you might want to sit down for this one) not everyone even has a smartphone. Shocking, we know. But it’s true.

That said, the subject of access is becoming an increasingly crucial issue for marketers to monitor. As we move forward into the next generation of advertisement, we must carefully consider whom we may be isolating with new and emerging media types. Therein lies the QR codes quandary.


Face It. Facebook’s Here To Stay.

I’m just gonna come out and say it: Facebook is a gosh darn golden child. Its mother is invention and its father is probably some deadbeat whose absence has inspired Facebook to be the man that it is today—a man with some serious balls.

So why, oh why am I bringing this up right now? Because yesterday I was discussing the importance to social media to a client, and they actually seemed suspicious of its reach. Really? Seriously? Questioning Facebook?!? Blasphemy.

Social media is an ever-expanding segment of what I do every single day. And with nearly half a billion people accessing Facebook, and with it rivaling the all-mighty Google as a search engine tool, that means big opportunity to help clients make a huge impact on the online world.


The NEW Social Network (For Do-Gooders).

Have you heard of Jumo? It’s the new nonprofit-centered social network founded by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. Check out this blog post about it written on behalf of rabble+rouser.

One of my favorite clients, The Colorado Children’s Immunization, has already become a member. Who’s next?

Life Is Like a Box of Russell Stover Cremes On Sale For Half Price Every February 15.

Brands are, in one word, phenomena. Many of them are scarce and forgettable, but then there are the few that—through natural marketing selection—triumph forever in the minds and lifestyles of millions. From enough constant exposure and use, some brands have even become synonymous with the products they produce. You don’t make a photocopy. You make a Xerox. Nobody asks where the “clear tape” is. It’s the Scotch tape. You don’t blow your snot into tissues. It goes into a Kleenex. You get the idea.


The Strength of Ideas.

What is a big idea? What makes one larger than the next? And how can you tell when the one you’ve got has “it”? Check out this blog post I wrote about this issue on behalf of rabble+rouser.

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