Sealed With a Kiss.

Valentine’s Day 2015 is almost here, and if you know me, you know what that means: the love train is coming into town.

For the past four years since founding EBB Copywriting, I’ve skipped the end-of-year hustle and bustle and given out my greetings on Valentine’s Day instead. Holiday and “Happy New Year!” cards just aren’t my thing. Never have been. But love? Now that I can on board with.

So clients, contacts and friends, keep an eye on your mailboxes. One of these red envelopes could be headed your way…


Learning from “Likes.”

A single social media post can make a huge difference in a brand’s overall performance online, and boy did I ever get a lesson in engagement this past week. A photo that I posted launched me into the green like I’d never seen (check out the analytics below), and it really got me thinking about the types of content that have the biggest impact on viewer clicks.

I only just launched my company Facebook page last September, but in those few short months, I’ve received quite the education on how fans engage with the brands they love and buy. So consider this my pledge to never stop learning and always keep listening. I will put my evolving social medial knowledge to use in all my work, and of course, on my own page too so that fans can follow the types of content they really enjoy—deep down in their digital guts. And if you don’t “like” me yet, click here and show me the love, will ya? I’m quickly learning how to make it worth your while.

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.44.44 AM

We’re All Still Here.

2012 is drawing to a close, and I guess we’ll just have to see if the world ends on 12/21/12—you’ve been wrong before, Mayans. So now seems like a good time to take a step back, reflect on the year and celebrate how epic the last 12 months have been. Wow, I just wrote the number “12” four times in two sentences…five if you count the backwards one. That was more fun than it probably should have been. Wheeeeee!

Anyway, to all my friends, family and especially to my clients, this has been an outstanding year. It would be impossible to express how much I appreciate everything you have given me, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to hire EBB Copywriting. (That last part only pertains to my clients. I don’t moonlight as a streetwalker if that’s what you’re thinking.)

As many of you know, I’ll be taking the last couple weeks of the year off as a short, but much needed break to regain my inspiration and sleep past 4:30am each day. But consider this an early “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

Take care over the holidays, everybody. Be safe, make smart choices, and I’ll see you in 2013. It’s going to be one for the record books. I can already tell.

Year Me Out.

Welp, I almost can’t believe it. Today marks my company’s one-year anniversary. Effin’ ay. Erin Beth Bosik Copywriting LLC is growing up so fast. (cheek pinch)

Please forgive me, but I’m gonna go full Oscar on you guys right now. There are so many people I have to thank and this is MY website and I can do whatever I want! (door slam)

First off, my clients. I would very literally not be here if it weren’t for you. We’ve made some good stuff together, and it’s almost hard to imagine my life before you came into it. (awwww)

Next, my family and friends. Specifically my parents, “Marmie” and “Stan” (Yes, that’s in quotes for a reason. My father’s actual name is James.). Your support is irreplaceable. To my sissy Sara for being so cool and giving me free room and board when I got jobs in Austin. Then of course, to all my friends. I’d gladly pay money to hang out with you if you weren’t already doing it for free. (cha-ching)

And finally, my partners. Many thanks to my husband Prashanta for listening to me bitch and moan about Quickbooks, and for calming me down every time I find myself wondering (translation: hysterically crying and/or screaming) why the hell I went freelance. And to Boo-Boo Kitty Face Bosik-Aryal. My officemate and assistant. If it were not for your incessant meowing to feed you around 4pm, I would probably never leave my chair. (purrr)

So, thanks everyone. You’ve made my year and my livelihood. I can’t wait to see what year two brings, and in the case I go out of business, those mentioned above can divvy up my stuff. Just be cool about it, okay?

I’m Baaaaaaack.

55 hours of traveling equals one hell of a long journey from the streets of Kathmandu to my couch in Colorado. But I made it. Finally. It’s good to be back and I can’t wait to regale you all with stories from my Asian adventure. Here are a few highlights:

1) Not just squat toilets, but PUBLIC squat toilets.
2) Three distinct marks on my abdomen from the three beautiful saris I got to wear. You need to tie those suckers on tight. Trust me, I have the bruises to prove it.
3) Swayambhunath aka “The Monkey Temple.” That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Happy 4th of July to everyone and let’s get going on some killer work this summer.

Like Stuff.

It’s been a great year. I did a bunch of stuff I never thought I’d do—start my own business, navigate Quickbooks, start planning a trip to Nepal, become quasi-knowledgable on a handful random topics (re: gold mining, butter, the palm oil crisis, plant stem cells, etc.) and get an iPhone. That last one is the biggest shocker. And for all of these things, I couldn’t be more grateful. I find myself thinking a lot about how drastically this year turned from very bad to insanely good, and I feel fortunate to have lived to tell the tale.

It’s all this transformation that got me to thinking about life in a very philosophical sense, and the main thing I want to talk about is something I have determined just in the last couple of days. It’s the meaning of life.


How To Get It Good.

You wanna know what’s weird? The fact that we get things in total different ways than we used to. I mean, in the grand scheme of life, I’m a pretty young buck. Not diapers-young. Just deliciously youthful (wink). And even I have seen some insane changes in the channels through which I receive information.

Exhibit A: Movies
I was in Austin at my sister’s apartment and she (poor girl still hasn’t jumped on the Netflix wagon) asked me if I wanted to rent a movie. Yeah. Rent one. From a store. A MOVIE store. I jokingly asked her if those still existed, and she gave me the usual “pishaw” and eye roll. It got me thinking though: for me, movies now mean mail. They arrive in my mailslot in a little red envelope, and that’s just the way it is. I don’t even know where I would go to get a movie in a store, other than the Red Box things at McDonalds. I like the convenience of the mail-movie system, but it does lose some of that nostalgia of aimless aisle roaming to find what you want to rent. I remember being a kid and my mom would take us to the music and movie store when we were running errands. It had a bunch of murals on the walls and felt so delightfully odd and a little scary to me at that age. Mom…what the hell was that place called? It was right on Main St. …



Man, I gotta write on this thing more. Please forgive me, followers. I’m just a copywriter trying to get an honest business off the ground. I’ll try to say “hi” more often.

PS I love all my clients. And there’s always room for new ones (hint, hint). Call me.

Curse Of The Copywriter.

So I was listening to the radio yesterday on my morning drive when I heard something that made my skin crawl. A duo of morning DJs were digging into a call-in concept: Who in your life should rue the day? Okay, sounds like solid fodder for a fun AM discussion. One guy called in to say how Starbucks will rue the day because said caller has to wait in such a long line for his morning latte. Woe is we. Another individual called to give their “rue the day” callout to her boss, a noteworthily nasty woman apparently.


A Fear Of Bugs.

Seeing as it’s almost Halloween and all, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about one of my most recently acquired fears. It’s bugs. And not the creepy, crawly kind. The VW kind.

[Picture me lying on a therapist’s couch as you read this].
It all stems from an unsettling encounter I had with a particularly offensive individual. Short in stature, but big in personality, this gal had balls.

I was driving along, using my turn signal and checking my blind spot (like nice people tend to do), when SCREEEEEEEECH, that b-word cut me off! Right before a red light. With, like, three other people in front of her. I mean, it’s not like she was going to get any kind of measurable lead by doing what she did. She still got stopped just like the rest of us. The only purpose of her actions was that they totally pissed me off. Had I not been completely starving at the time, maybe I would have been able to control myself. But no. I was mad, hungry, and ready to rumble.

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