Big Wins on Social

If you know me at all, you probably know that I’m not big into social media. It’s just not my thing. I do LinkedIn because it’s a great place to convince my clients to say super nice things about me via written endorsements (wink, nudge), but beyond that, I’m out.

Now, before you jump down my virtual throat, I should say that I 100% acknowledge and appreciate the potential of social media to do great things for humanity and for brands. I have no qualms working on ideas that will end up splashed all over Insta, Facebook and Twitter, and I love watching my clients connect with fans by the thousands.

So, in support of some recent social buzz, I thought I’d give a nod to a couple of my client brands who are doing great work on these modern channels: Bundle Organics and Love Grown.



Congrats to the entire team at Bundle Organics and 1908 Brands for the recent recognition of our Lemon Ginger Fizzy Drink as a Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice for 2019. This particular product is one of Bundle co-founder and celebrity influencer Whitney Port’s personal favorites: “Inspired by Whitney’s cravings for ginger ale during her pregnancy, this refreshing fizzy drink serves up bright, bubbly effervescence without the downsides of soda. It’s crisp, clean and delightfully hydrating.” (Bundle website copy)



And mad props to the passionate and protein-powered Love Grown team for their upcoming rebrand (announced by our brilliant client Dagny on LinkedIn last week). I was honored to partner with design guru Faven Creative to create a new positioning, tagline, tone of voice and to write all the new packaging copy for this growing breakfast brand. Keep your eyes peeled for our epic milk waves appearing on store shelves VERY soon, and there’s more to come on this exciting project once it’s live. #GrowingBetterBiteByBite

Bundle — and Bosik — on The Hills: New Beginnings

I’ve been running around my house like a catnip-crazed kitten all morning because my client Bundle Organics and its superstar co-founder Whitney Port were a major part of last night’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings on MTV!

I’ll pretend that that’s the biggest news…but the reason I’m really, REALLY excited is that I got to be in the episode too! (Cue my head exploding) The Hills crew was on-site shooting during our big brand photoshoot last year, so the 1908 Brands creative team — including yours truly in the yellow cardigan — made a cameo appearance. Check out the clip below to see some of the #BundleOrganics love, and watch the full episode on MTV now. It’s Episode 6 called “I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends,” but it should totally be called “Whitney and Bundle Organics Rock Your Motherhood Socks Off!”

It’s Real Simple: Choose Three Bears Oats

Just a little quickie here because I totally dropped the ball and forgot to post about this last month. Hand, you may now smack my forehead.

Three Bears (the all-oats-all-the-time brand I’ve worked on since it was just a sparkle it its founders’ eyes) was recently featured in Real Simple magazine (!!!). Jess from Good Point Projects did a killer job getting the word out and finding our way onto the page with her media relations mettle, and the packaging shot is a surefire winner.

I agree that our Cinnamon Raisin flavor is just TOPS, but I must admit that I have a special place in my heart (and belly) for the Wild Blueberry. All Three Bears products are free from the top 8 allergens, plus the oat cups and bars have natural probiotics to support digestive health. From the brand positioning and packaging to the website and promotion, it’s been a pleasure to be part of this beary tempting brand.

Want some? Shop it like it’s hot…off the stove.

Grow Brands, Grow!

The last couple of weeks have come with a couple of feel-good updates from a couple of my favorite brands and clients. Wow, that’s a lot of couples. Anyway…

First up: Casa Alvarez Foods
What once was an iconic Boulder restaurant for nearly 20 years is now a frozen food company you’ll want to put your mouth all over. (No joke. I’ve been known to turn the bag inside out and lick it clean, but I digress.) I nearly went into a poblano-induced coma while working on the positioning, packaging, website and marketing materials for Casa Alvarez’s two flavors of green chile with Faven Creative, and I was thrilled to learn that this fledgling brand is now in 48 stores, including 11 Whole Foods and one Safeway. Way to go, Casa. I’m verde proud of you.

And now: Veggie-Go’s
With an exciting name update on the horizon (I can’t wait to share this with you once it hits shelves!) and killer packaging design by SRG, this local snack brand is growing faster than a well-fed toddler. I’ve been on the team for years now—writing everything from the website and packaging to sales sheets and branded coloring books—and I got the good news this month that Veggie-Go’s has grown by 35% since our rebrand. I know, right? Jaw = dropped. Turns out, people like healthy snacks, and boy oh boy is this the brand to do them up right. Congrats, to everyone who’s brought their brilliance to this one. It’s a cool time to be alive and hungry.

We Won Stuff for This One.

Double-takes, deep thought and undiluted disruption. These are the chronic symptoms of exposure to the surreal and conceptual makings of Salvador Dalí and Marcel Duchamp. These anarchists of artistic expression redefined art by forcing the world to view it through a non-retinal lens. They went off the wall and outside of the lines, illuminating beauty in the ordinary, ugly and obscene. They challenged assumptions and adored disorder. They took a theoretical red pen to the limits of tradition and wrote their own rules one sculpture, painting and urinal at a time. It’s art because they said it was art. And if you don’t like it, piss off.

This newly award-winning (what whaaaaaaat?!) campaign that I wrote and concepted with Urban Canvas warps words in the same way that Dalí and Duchamp changed the face of art: creating new ideas by any means necessary. We took conventional headlines and altered them to say the exact opposite—making it look like someone had come and tagged the billboard to change its message. If you remember my blog about The Fifty (where we scored the award), I promised a follow-up and this is it.

As we speak, The Dalí Museum’s Duchamp exhibit is attracting a both crowds and conversation thanks to this standout campaign. Also, probably the fact that the main image is a urinal, but we’ll take the credit where we can.

Fest + Fresh.

Life is too short to eat bad food, which is why I’m pretty damn stoked that some of my favorite brands-slash-clients are getting some top-shelf consumer air time this week. As most of you know due to heavy local traffic patterns, the annual running of the Bolder Boulder is tomorrow, Memorial Day, and our town likes to celebrate with a hippie fest of patchouli-scented proportions: Boulder Creek Fest. WhiteWave Foods is one of the premier sponsors, so it was great to see Sir Bananas (brand name, tone of voice and strategy assistance by EBB Copywriting) monkeying around in his adorable booth.

Plus, it was brought to my attention that Casa Alvarez Foods are now available in the Denver area via Amazon Fresh. So if you live in the Mile High City, prepare to make your tastebuds Mile High happy with these sensational green chiles available con veggie or con pork. Packaging copy and brand strategy by EBB Copywriting alongside Faven Creative.

Happy Memorial Day, everybody. And thank you to all who fought for our rights to live, do and eat well. You can’t fake freedom, and I for one am wholeheartedly grateful to those who gave their lives to protect it.

EBB on Elephant Talk.

I love my work. Pretty much every day I get to wake up and write about something new. From the latest snacks and skincare lines to surveying equipment and law firms on the fringe, there’s really nothing off limits here at EBB Copywriting. But no matter what brand I’m writing for, the goal is always the same: get people to fall head over heels for it. An experience. A food. A destination. A…whatever. It’s all about love.

When Elephant Talk asked to interview me for their podcast, I was a little confused. What does a podcast about sex and relationships want with a weirdo like me? I raised the question in not so many words, and they answered that they wanted to discuss how I translate love into language for the better of brands. I agreed instantly, and the second I set foot in that studio, I was singing like a damn canary.

Check out my episode (Episode 5: Turning on the Volume) right here, and read my guest blog “The Business of Selling Love” to go along with it. Big thanks to Andy and Lisa for having me on the show. Turns out, gabbing about my work on air is almost as much fun as doing it.

Naturally Boulder? Don’t Mind If I Do.

Big shout-out to everyone who attended and helped organize the Naturally Boulder Education Event last night. I had a blast being on the panel to discuss best practices in packaging—well, attempt to—and I consider myself very lucky to have been sitting among such a brilliant brood.

From food and drug lawyers and creative directors to marketing VPs and wickedly smart designers, this was one hell of a group and one hell of a night. Also, props to my dear client WhiteWave foods for hosting and sponsoring the event.


From left: Jason Sapsin, me, Kae Penner-Howell, Alicia Potter,
Wendy Goldner and Kazia Jankowski.

EBB and UC Head to The Dali.

Just a couple of quick pics from our trip to visit The Dali Museum, our scintillatingly inspiring client in St. Petersburg, Florida. I had a blast seeing all of our work live and in-person (on billboards, TV, banners, t-shirts, mugs, magnets, posters, signage and more) with the incomparable Urban Canvas crew.

And for all you EBB blog readers out there, check back again soon. There are lots more exciting projects with The Dali coming up, and you definitely won’t want to miss them.


A Kiss. Un Bacio.

Just a little online praise for my client, Leprino Foods. You may have seen this company’s name in the Colorado news recently with reports that they halted shipments from a dairy farm where the cows were being abused. Now, I’m very pro-animal, so when I heard that Leprino was cutting off support for a supplier who mistreats their hard-milkin’ cows, I was pretty damn proud to have them on my client roster.

Leprino’s main brand is Bacio Cheese, which is premium mozzarella blended with a signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ (bacio means kiss in Italian) to make it super rich and creamy—perfect for pizza and lasagna and all that melty, delicious goodness. I’ve had a chance to help on various projects for this brand, including website content, a sponsored article in PMQ Pizza Magazine (glamourous, right?) and a whole slew of other items too. So the next time you’re sitting down to a slice from your favorite pizzeria, just think: that cheese probably comes from a company who really cares about where their ingredients come from. Knowing that makes it taste even better if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.22.18 AMAlso, side-note: This is my 200th official blog post to! I’m probably the only person excited about it, but I bet I feel the same way Seth MacFarlane did when he produced the 200th episode of Family Guy.

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