Let’s Get Festalino!

10/17 2020

Naming is one of my favorite professional (and personal) past times, so it probably goes without saying that I love a good challenge. The team at Fiorucci came to me with a fun one awhile back, and I’m thrilled to announce that the brand’s newest products are not only flying off the shelves, but also winning awards. Badda-bing, badda-boom.

Ceeee-le-brate good names…come on!

Introducing Festalino™, Fiorucci’s fresh line of high-quality, charcuterie-style snack and sandwich kits. Crafted with a combination of cured meats and aged cheeses, these festive combos are perfect for entertaining. As such, the name is meant to evoke the spirit of celebration in a way that unites the English and Italian languages. It was our goal to honor Fiorucci’s authentic Italian roots through the lens of today’s modern American audience, and Festalino rose to the top as our winning name.

Festalino has been in the market for just over a year now and was particularly successful during the holiday season. Here’s hoping this year will see even more growth and satisfied customers.

I can’t thank the Sigma and Fiorucci teams enough for having me along for this delicious naming ride — can you believe it’s our 7th naming project together?! — and I look forward to many more. Naming is my favorite toy, so you guys really know how to make me smile like a schoolgirl on prom night.

And another Fiorucci win…

I also just learned that Appetaggio™, another sub-brand I named for Fiorucci, was voted Product of the Year in Automatic Merchandiser’s 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards for best meat and protein snack. So, major props and congratulations to the team! You’re simply fantastico!