Bundle — and Bosik — on The Hills: New Beginnings

I’ve been running around my house like a catnip-crazed kitten all morning because my client Bundle Organics and its superstar co-founder Whitney Port were a major part of last night’s episode of The Hills: New Beginnings on MTV!

I’ll pretend that that’s the biggest news…but the reason I’m really, REALLY excited is that I got to be in the episode too! (Cue my head exploding) The Hills crew was on-site shooting during our big brand photoshoot last year, so the 1908 Brands creative team — including yours truly in the yellow cardigan — made a cameo appearance. Check out the clip below to see some of the #BundleOrganics love, and watch the full episode on MTV now. It’s Episode 6 called “I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends,” but it should totally be called “Whitney and Bundle Organics Rock Your Motherhood Socks Off!”

We Wake in the Worlds They Dreamed.

Daydreaming is just part of the job when you’re Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney. What some consider wasted time, these two men built into empires of artistic expression. They began worlds apart—one along the rocky coastlines of Spain and the other among the glitz and glamour of Hollywood—but they both dreamed under the same sky. Once united, their enduring friendship told a tale of collaboration and unclouded creativity. And now we sleep and wake in their dream-like world, where fantasy lands become familiar realities.

It was an absolute daydream to help the Urban Canvas crew create this campaign for The Dalí Museum‘s latest visiting exhibition, Disney & Dalí: Architects of the Imagination. The winning sky-inspired concept keeps its head in the clouds and its feet on the ground by illustrating what it really means to daringly dream. The campaign is wistful, hypnotic and walks the line between “believable” and “make-believe” via print, outdoor, radio, TV, collateral and merchandise.


Remembering the Flood.

It’s been one year since devastating floods wreaked havoc on Boulder and the surrounding communities, and it’s been several months that I’ve been chomping at the bit to share this video that I scripted for the City of Boulder’s Flood Commemoration Event held on September 10, 2014.

Animation credit (and a big, fat THANK YOU for including me on the project) goes to the video production pros at Room 214. You guys rule.

Boulder Flood: One Year Later from Boulder, Colorado on Vimeo.

Get InContact.

I’d say this is an oldie-but-goodie, but since I’ve never posted about it before, it’s just a new-to-youbie.

I got to write the script and help with the visual concepting for this hotshot whiteboard animation by the crew at Room 214. Want to see? Play away.

Advocating for Brand Advocates.

Produced by the killer team at Room 214, check out this awesome video scribe I scripted.

Inversoft Website and Video Launch.

Profanity filtering software: It’s the stuff that keeps online communities safe. From multi-user mega games and brand message boards to chat functions and kids-only online spaces, user-generated content is everywhere. It’s a great way to encourage interaction, but it’s also a big, giant black hole of profanity and prowling.

Good thing my high-tech client Inversoft has the solution. It’s called CleanSpeak, and it has all kinds of super sophisticated, profanity-seeking algorithms that make it the best on the market. What’s more, Inversoft also offers on-staff expert moderators to do the gatekeeping for you. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and I for one am glad to know there’s something like CleanSpeak out there to help brands and websites keep their users—not to mention their reputations—protected.

So without further ado, please take a look at the spanking new Inversoft website (copy written by mois). Also, check out the video I scripted at the bottom of the homepage or watch it below. It’s pretty damn skippy if I do #HumbleBrag so myself.

Your Pixels Are Showing.

It’s officially the new year and it’s already a happy one. I just found out that a video I worked on with the crazies at Akavit has been nominated for a Pixel Award. The project was for a pretty cool client called willbeHired, and you can watch the me-scripted and awesomely art directed video here (it’s the most upper right thumbnail on the page).

Once your mind has been blown by the flood of creative genius, VOTE FOR IT so Akavit can win the recognition they deserve. Just go to The Pixel Awards and search “Akavit”—otherwise it’s a little hard to find. The video is ready to receive your votes under the Geek category, so start clicking. You can vote once a day until January 25th.

Peace and geeks.

Aye, Mateys Be Hired.

Hiring managers, sometimes it must suck to be you. And before you break out your pirate muskets, cannons and daggers (see video reference) in defense of your career, hear me out.

As a freelancer, I’m frequently shopping my resume and portfolio around, and it’s a total pain in the you-know-what. But you guys have to deal with piles upon piles of resumes, phone calls and over-eager email stalkers—hopefully those are rare—every single day. It’s like a never-ending flood (see video reference) of potential hires that you’re expected to navigate (see video reference) and then deliver only the most picture-perfect candidates. That’s a lot of pressure. Hell, you must look forward to Fridays more than a tween waiting for the next Hunger Games movie to come out. Sigh.

But have no more fear, you talent-seeking gurus. Because willbeHired is here. It’s an impressively intuitive online recruiting platform that helps you focus your search on only the most promising candidates. Hooray for smooth sailing and so-long to walking the plank (yep, you guessed it…video reference).

Now that all the open sea copy quips are out of my system, check out this willbeHired promo video I worked on with the gang at Akavit. They’re so freaking talented, it’s stupid. Enjoy.

The Tervis Customyzer.

My pals at Akavit worked long and hard to bring the all-new, never-before-seen, oh-my-gawd-it’s-so-amazing Tervis Customyzer to life (and they did a hell of a job). I got to pitch in on the launch video, which you can check out below. Now, thanks to this slice of digital mastery, anyone and everyone can create a custom tumbler that’s as unique as they are. I’m gonna go make mine now—and yes, a guinea pig will be part of my design. Need you even ask?

Tam & Jack Are Getting Hitched.

Check out this save the date wedding video written and directed by yours truly (that’s me). I’m pretty damn proud of this. And congrats to the happy couple—crazy-ass lovebirds.

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