Aye, Mateys Be Hired.

07/09 2012

Hiring managers, sometimes it must suck to be you. And before you break out your pirate muskets, cannons and daggers (see video reference) in defense of your career, hear me out.

As a freelancer, I’m frequently shopping my resume and portfolio around, and it’s a total pain in the you-know-what. But you guys have to deal with piles upon piles of resumes, phone calls and over-eager email stalkers—hopefully those are rare—every single day. It’s like a never-ending flood (see video reference) of potential hires that you’re expected to navigate (see video reference) and then deliver only the most picture-perfect candidates. That’s a lot of pressure. Hell, you must look forward to Fridays more than a tween waiting for the next Hunger Games movie to come out. Sigh.

But have no more fear, you talent-seeking gurus. Because willbeHired is here. It’s an impressively intuitive online recruiting platform that helps you focus your search on only the most promising candidates. Hooray for smooth sailing and so-long to walking the plank (yep, you guessed it…video reference).

Now that all the open sea copy quips are out of my system, check out this willbeHired promo video I worked on with the gang at Akavit. They’re so freaking talented, it’s stupid. Enjoy.