01/22 2020

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science (or DMNS for short) has officially hit the road with its newly launched Curiosity Cruiser. This food-truck-style traveling museum will soon be spotted at all sorts of super fun community events around town, and you can even rent it to impress your friends at your private shindig.

Named by yours truly and designed by the gang at Urban Canvas, the Curiosity Cruiser is all geared up to blow Colorado’s collective mind with a variety of mobile experiences.

Image credit: DMNS

In addition to naming the vehicle itself, I got to come up with titles for its interactive activities. Flavorology explores the the five tastes—bitter, spicy, umami, sweet, and sour—and how you personally experience them. Spicy: Revealed sizzles with the science behind spicy foods and flavors. And Mood & Food explains how we “feel” food through emotional connections, memories and more.

Big shoutout to Urban Canvas for letting me ride shotgun on this one. And a wave of high-fives to the DMNS team for your endless energy, awesome feedback and ongoing partnership. Now let’s hit the road.