Longvine: A Rebrand with Roots

11/29 2021

Ever heard of Houweling’s? They’re a pretty prolific produce brand, but sometimes they look more like a commodity. You may have actually enjoyed the literal fruits of their labor without even knowing it. Houweling’s — recently rebranded Longvine Growing Co. thanks to the magic design dust of Interact Brands — is a leading sustainable greenhouse growing operation with locations in California, British Columbia and Utah. They’re basically the badass of the tomato farming world, and they’re famous for their always-in-season tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers all grown with 100% non-GMO seeds and in the comfort of glass greenhouses.

I’m delighted to share that I got to be the namer…errr…nameologist?…namesmith on this project, and I’m majorly grateful to Interact for having me on the team.

Longvine is growing up.

The rebrand was officially announced a few months ago in an announcement in The Produce Reporter, among other pubs. And I am thrilled to share it with you today. My loyal readers. All nine of you.

The name Longvine beautifully captures what makes this brand so special, and it does it two ways. First, the name represents a company with a long heritage. A tradition that can be trusted. People who have tended these crops for generations while also innovating toward a sustainable food future. And second, Longvine describes their unique growing method. Longvine growers extend their vines upward in the greenhouse — enabling them to grow the most efficient way. It’s pretty wild if you think about it: these guys literally grow their produce on vertical vines that extend toward the sky. V cool.

Gif Credit: Longvine Growing Co. LinkedIn

The Longvine Growing Co. family and the Interact team have been thrilled to see this juicy new brand come to life online, and I look forward to supporting them for many years to come. With salsa. And bruschetta. And maybe some caprese salad.

[Erin gracefully bows and exits whilst housing a tomato like it’s candy]