Speed. Balance. Boxer Six.

10/07 2021

The boxer engine holds undeniable influence over the function and style of some of the greatest cars of all time. In fact, the Porsche 911’s iconic shape and cornering are only possible thanks to the boxer’s flat construction and extremely low center of gravity. Boxer Six represents a cannabis brand grounded in precision, performance and innovation, and it was my honor to name this budding brand of fast-acting edibles alongside the ultra high performers at Interact.

Image credits: Boxer Six

From the inspiring strategy to the impeccable design, Interact never fails to blow me away with their talent. This naming project was not only one of the most challenging, but also the most fruitful I’ve ever worked on. I think I delivered 10 full pages (right, guys?) of initial names before we narrowed, narrowed and narrowed again—reaching a top-shelf list from which Boxer Six was picked.

Boxer Six illustrates that these exactness-obsessed cannabis innovators don’t just make gummies. They engineer every faceted detail to a state of absolute precision, performance, speed and style—all in perfect balance. Not a single element wasted. Not a single piece out of place. And a proprietary Quick Six nanotech delivery method that triggers onset in as little as 6 minutes.

Boxer Six stands for gripping innovation destined to define a category. It’s the unprecedented function and design of an engine translated into flawless edibles for the discerning man.

Check out the brand’s new website (sadly, not written by me…but still) to stay in the loop on when and where these meticulously crafted, curated flavors can be found.