Fud® Feels

06/09 2020

As a copywriter, you never really know what type of word-related challenge might come your way. From brand naming and packaging copy to websites and video scripts, I’m honored to work on so many distinctly different projects from one day to the next. Case in point: taking beautifully crafted Spanish scripts and reworking them for an English-speaking audience.

Challenge: Accepted

FUD® is far and away one of the most recognizable brands for Hispanic Americans. It’s available all across the nation and serves up a boatload of family-favorite packaged meats and cheeses. FUD belongs to the Bar-S family of brands, which has fast become one of my fave groups to work with.

Recently, the Bar-S team came to me with two scripts — both in Spanish and in need of polished English translations for the brand’s U.S. Facebook page. I got the freedom to tell these two important stories (a Mother’s Day tribute and a Covid-19 brand statement) in a way that would appeal to FUD fans here in the U.S., and I am so proud of where they ended up. Take a look, and keep your eyes peeled for FUD brand products at Walmarts and supermecados near you.