Eat on Your Best Behavior.

04/11 2024

You’re an adult, damnit. You earn your own money, do your own grocery shopping and can eat whatever you want. Thing is, we don’t always let ourselves because we’re supposed to “behave.” But what if there was a grown-up cereal that tasted straight-up incredible AND was a responsible, healthy choice? Sounds like your next breakfast is about to be on its Best Behavior.

The Name

This mouthwatering new brand launched at Expo West last month, and I could not be more honored that Interact Brands brought me in to lead the naming.

It was a unique challenge with a client who was deliciously open to unusual ideas. As the first cereal made for adults, curated by a Michelin Star rated chef and made with real ingredients, Best Behavior is here to change the way we spoon. xoxo

The Look

As if the studio crew at Interact could get any more talented, they really blew my mind with this one. Instead of trying to mimic the Magic Spoons of the world with “feel like a kid again” vibes, they swung the pendulum the other direction. Here, cereal is sexy. It’s adult. It’s subliminal and sophisticated. My favorite part: the two B’s of our brand name become a set of lips that seals every box with a kiss.

The Scoop

Best Behavior is now available to order through the brand’s website. It’ll also be coming soon to stores near you, and you’ll want to be ready when it does. Follow them on the ‘gram to stay close to the action.