Truly Grass Fed: From Ireland to America

Truly Grass Fed is a revolution in modern dairy that hearkens back to the basics. Small herds and a passion for the art of farming. Clean, wholesome dairy made by happy, healthy cows who graze in open pastures. A deep dedication to progress and the welfare of our world. That’s the difference of Truly Grass Fed: it truly is the cream of the crop.

It’s been an amazing journey as part of the SRG team that brought this international brand to life, and I was lucky enough to contribute to the overall brand strategy, plus packaging and website copy. Now I’m thrilled to announce that the Ireland-grazed goodness of Truly Grass Fed salted and unsalted butters and aged and sharp cheddar cheeses have officially hit U.S. store shelves.

Amazon Fresh also has the goods if you prefer to shop online, and regardless of where you buy, the quality will be unlike anything you’ve tasted. Truly Grass Fed’s remarkably creamy and naturally nourishing dairy is non-GMO, free from hormones and antibiotics, and raises the quality bar in every respect possible.

So, head to your nearest grocer and get a chunk o’ cheddah or a block o’ buttah (did that make it sound more Irish?) to support this irresistible brand of the Emerald Isle. Truly Grass Fed truly cares more about their cows and the planet than they do about profit, and I can’t think of anything more admirable. Oh! And check out this article I got to write regarding Truly Grass Fed’s regenerative farming practices.

The Wild, Wild Expo West

My first — and let’s face it, probably last — excursion to the famed Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim did not disappoint. My feet are killing me. I have a raging headache. And I loved every minute of it.

Here are few (okay, a bunch) of snaps from some of the very best booths. Though to be fair, I’m 100% biased because they’re all my clients with big launches this year. But hey, this is MY blog, so if you have a problem with it, take it up with my assistant: me.

At the Bundle Organics booth showing off my tagline…on a damn PILLOW. #Winning

Celebrating the ribbon cutting of Bundle Organics with Co-Founder (and current Cosmo cover girl!) Miss Whitney Port.

Big smiles for Love Grown‘s new look and tagline. Haaawt new packaging coming to a grocery store near you this summer 😉

Loved seeing my awesome Wildmade clients crushing it with fruit roll sampling.

Did somebody say “pupusa”? Oh wait…I think it was me. Hooray for Tres!

A lot of work went into this 1989 throwback booth for my longtime love and client Made In Nature. Congrats on 30 years of hacking the rules of organic.

Pretty proud of this headline. I’m not gonna lie. Next time you’re at the grocery store, remember to stock up on Made In Nature Veggie Pops and Figgy Pops: bite-sized balls of real-food bliss.

Photo-boothing it up at Made In Nature with design partner extraordinaire Jessie. Thanks for walking the halls with me, girl.

Just saying “Rice to meet you” to my Grain Trust clients who I never met in person until now. Weird, but true.

Three Bears Oats were representing our line of bars, oat cups and squeezy pouches — all free from the top 8 food allergens. You listening, moms?

My Truly Grass Fed clients are in the house all the way from Ireland. So happy to see the butter and cheeses launching in stores nationwide. Happy cows, happy mouths.

You wouldn’t believe how many Boulder– and Colorado-based brands were at Expo, including a huge booth representing Boulder Brands. In the past, I’ve had the honor of working on Gardein, Glutino and Earth Balance.

Oh…and did I mention I met Guy Fieri? (Bet you’re pretty glad you made it all the way to the bottom of this blog, right?! Talk about a payoff.)

Raise Your Snack Esteem.

I was feeling pre-tty, pre-tty confident on a recent hike up Mount Sanitas. Why, you ask? First, because I went with the whole team from Urban Canvas after we presented some tasty new work to Made In Nature. And second, because this little copywriter was fueled with the finest nature has to offer. Made In Nature Supersnacks come in all shapes and sizes: dried fruit, Figgy Pops™, fruit and nut fusions, kale chips, a whole snack-load of other organic stuff, and my current favorite: PowPow Nuts. Launched at this year’s Expo West, PowPow Nuts are the next big thing in…well…nuts.

Here’s a little copy teaser…
When you’re single, being tied down is the last thing on your mind. You get to be free, go far and have all the fun you can stomach. Made In Nature single-serve PowPow Nuts are like your edible wingmen—there when you need them to boost your solo mojo with just the right amount of organic oomph. They’re mighty. They’re nutty. They’re wildly crunchy nut blends of almonds, cashews and hazelnuts coated in power seeds, quinoa and spices bold enough to make any single snacker swoon. Now they’re on the prowl for hungry mouths, and yours looks like the perfect match.

I’ll keep you posted on when they’ll be in stores, and big thank you to Made In Nature for the new workout tank: Train Hard. Snack Harder.

Trimble’s All High and Mighty and Stuff.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…it’s the high-flying trio of Trimble UAS products here to save the day for hardworking surveyors around the world. All are mightier and more elevated than the competition, and each stands out with its own special suite of super powers. From collecting data in dense, hard-to-reach places to soaring over expansive environments in a single flight, the Trimble heroes are equipped to conquer any mission.


I was positively privileged to concept and write this campaign for Trimble Unmanned Air Systems (UAS) with the heroic hotshots at Urban Canvas. The finished product included sleek sales materials (above), exclusive trading cards (below), pint glasses, tees, can koozies and more.

Trading cards

Sample Trading Card Copy:

The ZX5: Dexterously dominating even the tightest spaces

Look where you’d least expect and you may catch a glimpse of a Trimble® ZX5 Multirotor as it navigates some of the planet’s tightest spaces. Designed to perform everyday jobs with ease and speed, the highly reliable ZX5 requires no launcher and captures georeferenced photos with superior accuracy. Onboard is a hardy 16MP Olympus camera that collects hi-res aerial imagery and achieves ground sample distances down to 1mm. Bonus: it’s fearsomely easy to assemble.

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