Beech-Nut Name Sighting

12/08 2017

Lesson of the day: pleasant surprises come in pretty packages.

How I learned it: I was on an inspiration hunt for a current naming project and decided to hit the shelf-wealthy grocery store as one of my stops. As I snooped through the aisles, I happened upon a product that I had the pleasure to help name a couple of years ago as an agency partner to one of my all-time favorite Chicago clients.

Beech-Nut is a cool-kid brand of real food for babies™, and I was part of the charge to name their new snack lines as they branched out from jarred baby food. One of the products (the one I saw) is a bar made of puffed quinoa, which we named Quinoa Crispies™, and Beech-Nut’s Fruit + Veggie Melties™, Yogurt Melties™ and Cereal Puffs™ were also part of the project.

Gotta love it when you see a piece of work come to life so perfectly. The names are youthful, but not too childish. They portray taste appeal and ingredient integrity in equal measure. Plus, they look picture perfect on-shelf. You should totally try them if you’re at least 12 months old. #NailedIt #LifesABeechNut