Get the Fullcoat Treatment.

12/21 2016

I don’t do as much B2B work as I used to because frankly, I’m just not all that great at it. But naming? Naming I’m good at. And every once in awhile, a project will come my way that may sound a little meh on first listen, but really, it’s a hotbed for creative magnitude.

This is one of those projects. Chad Morgan of Morgan Branding brought me in to help the two entrepreneurial founders of the company formerly known as Helios Industrial Coatings. They originally landed on Helios because they “thought it sounded pretty cool,” but soon learned that they needed something better—something that would describe what makes them different in a sea of boring and nebulous names.

As a distributor of industrial coatings vs. a single brand, these guys provide customers with much more robust, customized solutions. That became the inspiration behind Fullcoat: a functionally descriptive word collision that balances what they do (coatings) with their approach (full-scale, full-spectrum, full-service). It’s short and sweet. It’s easy to spell, pronounce and recall. And it elevates the brand to a much more relevant and distinctive level than “the other guys.”

Paired with Morgan Branding’s cool, vintage design, Fullcoat Industrial Coatings is now fully positioned to stand out as a modern, innovative leader in an otherwise stale and yawn-invoking category.