So Euro.

It’s funny how I just returned from a European holiday last month, yet I can’t seem to shake that crazy continent from my U.S.A. day-to-day.

I learned this morning that the article I wrote for Truly Grass Fed, my awesome Ireland-based client, has received more hits than any of their latest news. The topic is regenerative agriculture (a certain buzzword in the modern food movement and a longstanding legacy on Irish farms), and you can read the article right here.

Oh, and can I mention that I’ve also been hopping the virtual pond to work with Prophet London lately? The challenge: creating a powerful employer brand for one of the world’s largest financial institutions. The Erin: word-nerding it up with the enthusiasm of a teenage prodigy scoring a massive triple word score in Scrabble. So basically, it’s been a wild and worldly few weeks, and I can’t wait to see what else summer has in store. Happy 4th to you all, and thanks for being my friends—both foreign and domestic.

Get Your Axle In Gear.

I admit it: As soon the team at RAD Roller told me they were launching “the RAD version of a foam roller,” I texted founder Mike Mallory and begged him to mail me one. Immediately if possible. It was as if my tired, marathoning legs’ prayers had been answered, and the RAD Axle is everything and more that anybody with a body could hope.

Now available for purchase on (with super cool copy, I might add *wink*), the RAD Axle and RAD Recovery Rounds are the latest additions to this brand’s growing family of bodywork tools. The Axel is RAD’s answer to all the too-hard and too-soft and too-long and not-right-shaped foam rollers out there while the Recovery Rounds have a softer touch to gently awaken your muscles vs. digging in on full blast.

So why not treat your web browser to a little “me” time and browse everything RAD has to offer? If you end up buying one of everything, no complaints here.

Snack on the Wild Side.

What started as Veggie-Go’s™ snacks has now grown into a bold new brand bursting with fresh flavor (and ideas). Ladies and gentlemen: Wildmade™.

Since veggies are no longer a part of every recipe, this awesomely organic, Boulder-based snack brand has fittingly evolved its name and branding to match. Veggie-Go’s strips and bites will still be available under the same name with a Wildmade tag, and the brand’s first fruit-only product (the first handcrafted fruit rolls made with nothing but real fruit) has officially hit shelves with three ridiculously delish flavors, the updated name/logo, and a tasty package I have to remind myself not to eat. Only what’s inside, Erin. Only what’s inside.

I was thrilled to take on the naming and copy for this project alongside the team at Sterling-Rice Group, as well as the va-va-vibrant website update with my buddies from Urban Canvas. So if you want to do your mouth a favor, head to your local grocer and snack into the unexpected. You’re one of the wild ones now.

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