Mo’ Oats, Mo’ Deliciousness.

Prepare to maul the shelves of your local grocer because Three Bears has officially launched its new lines of Oat Bars and Fruit + Oat Snacks to accompany their popular Oatmeal Cups. We completed the designs last year when the brand made its debut on shelves, but the bears at 1908 Brands are perfectionists, so they wanted to get the snack recipes Just Right. Every Bite.™ before introducing them to the world.

Alicia Potter of Faven Creative did a stellar job selecting bright, poppy colors and creating custom illustrations for each unique SKU (no small feat: there are four bars, six pouches and four oatmeals). And while I hate to toot my own horn, this is MY blog—so there!—and I’m damn proud of all the brand positioning, tagline and all the copy.

Find out where to hunt down some Three Bears on their website, which I got to write for the boys at Betterweather. Then send me an email telling me which flavor’s your fave. Or call me. Or text. Or come over. I can only talk to my cat for so long without human interaction.

Escape the Ordinary with Split Fresh Cut Gelato.

Behold a world beyond the bowl and far outside the waffle cone. Introducing Split™ Fresh Cut Gelato, a lusciously sweet getaway from the same old everyday. This fresh take on indulgence begins with ripe, hand-picked fruit from the sun-drenched Sundays River Valley of South Africa. There, long, hot days meet cool sea breezes to produce harvests so bountiful, their fruit is the stuff of legend. Split uses these fresh, simple ingredients to create craveably creamy, rich and flavorful gelato before hand-packing each scoop into real fruit shells for a naturally one-of-a-kind experience you can’t help but share.

Officially launched last week at Expo West, Split has been one of my all-time favorite brand naming projects. Massive thank you and mad respect to the creative powers that be at Sterling-Rice Group for having me along for the ride.

I had the chance to push my creativity in a plethora of ripe (pun intended) strategic directions, including escapism, South African cues, frozen indulgence and “sweet enough to share.” Split Fresh Cut won out in the end thanks to the product’s split-in-half fruit shell servings and the dual meaning of the word split: to escape + “fresh cut” as a new-to-the-category descriptor inspired by language commonly used for colorful, just-plucked flowers.

Sampling several flavors of Split during the naming process was definitely a perk, and my taste buds fell hard for this frozen treat. Stay tuned for updates on where to find Split on shelves near you, and thanks again to SRG for your partnership and mind-blowing design. You make Split look guuuuuuuuuud.

In the Presence of the Past

From a young Bedouin in an ancient cave to the worldwide waves created by what he found there, the Dead Sea Scrolls are one of the single most important discoveries of modern history. These illuminating documents and the artifacts of their time give us a priceless peek into ages past. They teach, transform and unite us by revealing our common ties and linking one generation to another. And now, the rich history of the Middle East will grace the American Southwest as these holy scrolls make their once-in-many-lifetimes debut at a mile high. They are prized archeological finds. They are priceless international gems. They are, in a word, treasures.

Introducing yet another exquisitely designed campaign for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in collaboration with my friends at Urban Canvas. This “Unburied Treasure” concept promotes the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition with visual hints of an ancient world brought to life and the beckoning invitation of a treasure map. Copy and concept by yours truly.

The historic Dead Sea Scrolls will only grace the Denver stage for 172 days and will most likely never return. That’s 172 days to walk among more than 500 precious Israeli antiquities and not a single reproduction. 172 days to rest your hand on a 3-ton piece of the Western Wall and write a message to send back to the Holy City. 172 days to see the 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls that are so rarely displayed, so seldom moved from Jerusalem and so sensitive to light that a new set will be rotated in halfway through the exhibit.

Clearly, this will be an experience of biblical proportions (pun intended), so don’t miss it March 16–September 3, 2018.

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